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I'm tired. Tired and sad. Sad and sick. Sick and tired. Things on my mind:
  • My throat hurts. Can NOT be sick right now.
  • I can NOT believe I dropped that GLASS bottle of orange Halloween glitter makeup on the TILE floor this morning
  • Will they EVER call?
  • I don't deserve some of my friends
  • Am I really going to tell the board that this is my last year as Editor for the AWC?
  • Why can't I go to bed at a decent hour?
  • Eh, it doesn't matter. Some nights I could sleep 15 hours and it wouldn't be enough
  • Why hasn't someone invented the matter transmitter yet?
  • What am I going to do if NEITHER of them offers me a job?
  • Did I forget anything for the Annual Meeting tonight? I know I must have. What did I forget?
  • Damn, I love this sweater.
  • Thank god for Tylenol cold medicine. The Swedes don't know what they're missing
  • My hand feels totally naked without my wedding rings
  • Maybe I should have another baby. haha! Just checking to see if you're still paying attention! :P
  • Do you suppose anyone would notice if I went home and took a nap at 10:18 a.m.?
  • What's for lunch? Hmmm...sushi sounds good
mood: tired
music: Aztec Camera—Walk Out to Winter


Hope they call soon. Don't procreate any more. :)

And who would step up to take over if you took off the editor hat?

I hope so. I won't. I don't know. :(

You are so spot on about the Tylenol Cold medicine. My mom just sent me my winter supply in the mail!! I'm surprised I'm not in jail right now for drug trafiking.

They will call. The anticipation is the worst. And I'm sure it will be over soon.

...good thoughts...good thoughts...

I couldn't live without those drugs!! And Tums, and Advil.

Tums! Yes! Tobias was giving me samarin which did absolutely nothing (not that I need it all that much). Mom also sent a huge bottle of Tums. What is it with all the regulations? With all the pharmaceutical companies here, you'd think they'd WANT people using their stuff ;-)

And a friend of mine was pres. of a mothers' group back in the states...when her children got to be of a certain age, she felt it was no longer appropriate that she still spearhead the group and "gave notice." I could not believe the guilt she put herself through when all the members cried "but who will take care of us now...???" But when it's time to go, it's time to go...they're all adults, they'll carry on one way or another.

Perhaps there's a connection with being time to go from both your employer and AWC? Or, I could be way-overanalyzing this in an effort to avoid MY OWN LIFE at the moment!! My thoughts are with you nonetheless. :-)

Heh. I don't know if there is a connection between my job and the AWC, but I've been Editor for 6 years now, and on the board, and I find myself taking it WAY too seriously, and way too personally, and I think after this long it's at least time for a break. Thanks for the good thoughts, I really appreciate it.

Actually, I like Gas-X chewables better than Tums, they work better, too, but they're more expensive. :) Di-Gel was the best...I was so bummed when they quit making it.

  • you are not ALLOWED to be sick. by my decree! so there. *hugs*
  • i so know what you mean about the naked hand.
  • a watched phone never boils.

I know, but I can't stop thinking about it! aagh!

You can just put a little coloring and flavoring in a bottle of grain alcohol and bingo, Nyquil. Major ingredient in that = alcohol. I knew an alcoholic in the States who would drink that in a pinch. Eeeewwwwww.

Don't reproduce again. With the amount of sushi you've been eating in the last 6 months, the baby would have gill.

gills! ... and smell of seaweed!




Sick = :(

Procreating again = ?!?!?! Although, you did make us wonder about that baby picture yesterday! ;)

The phone WILL ring. Don't stress. It's out of your hands for now. :) (trust me, I KNOW how difficult that is, but it's STILL sound advice so stop making faces at me!)


I know. bleah :(

hahahaha! NO WAY, JOSE! Not in a million years. I've reproduced as much as I'm going to. :P

thanks for the hugs, I need them today :)

*makes a face at you*

*runs away giggling* have a great sweater and that counts for something right? hehe, I hope your day gets better :)

that, and sushi for lunch :) thanks, dear!

Bleh, I hate colds, hope it goes away soon. And I hope they bloody well call soon :(

I'm sure they will :)

Don't have another baby.
Aztec Camera!! I was seeking Roddy out this week as well. Oblivious. Saw them too - way back when.

LOL! I won't, don't worry. I know my limits regarding children. :D

Oh dear. Don't worry, the job thing will work out. Take echinacea too - well, if it works for you, and get some rest, even if 15 hours is not enough!

oh, poor liz! *rubs your back* *tucks you into bed*

shh, children! Mommy needs a nap. Along with a new President.

oh, would that it were true! all of those things! :)

HUGS! You know I relate to this post.... jobs, sick, sleep (or lack of it) and... Tylenol ;) (from the comments)


Hang in there--- sounds like your mind is whirring. They will call. You will be offered a wonderful job. Just breathe and focus on sweet things-- like a big fat nap.


oh, a nap! my kingdom for a nap!

*chuck on the shoulder*

thanks :)


wait! Wait! Wait! You're totally freaking me out1 Whaddya mean naked fingers? Whaddya mean single parenting (in a previous post)? Am I so outta the loop?! What's going on?! You're marital problems are you, baby lizard? Cuz my heart my crack in two. O...I'm so worried now!xoxoxoxoxoxo Wee who is desperately hoping I've got it all wrong and will happily roll in the orange Halloween glitter if that will help!

LOL! Poor Wee! I didn't mean to scare you! Anders is away all week on a business trip (his 2nd in 3 weeks) and I dropped my wedding/engagement rings off last week to be soldered together, because the bands were thinning. I'm not having marital troubles, I promise. :) I have enough drama in other areas of my life, believe me! *makes soothing noises at you* *dabs orange glitter on your nose*

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