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My life has descended into a whirl of crisis and drama (and extremely impatient hair-tearing waiting), which I hope is a result of a combination of the full moon and PMS. Considering the amount of backpedaling and soothing and reasoning and apologizing I have done in the last week, I should be well on my way to acquiring a diplomatic certification. I could represent a country by now, I'm so qualified! :P Chechnya, are you listening?

Go away moon, I've had my fill!

I definitely have a cold. And a sore throat. Yesterday, I was popping Tylenol like there was no tomorrow, and I took 2 daytime tablets with dinner so that I would make it through the Board Meeting where I dropped the bombshell of "this is my last year as Editor" and the Annual Meeting and after-meeting drama-and-crisis, and forgot that the pills last for TWELVE HOURS. Non-drowsy for TWELVE HOURS. Can you spell w-i-r-e-d? I can! At least I could at 1:41 a.m. this morning, when I decided that taking a night-time pill (May Cause Drowsiness!) would counteract the Non-Drowsy wiredness of the previous pill. Bad Idea.

So, now I'm at "work" on an hour and a half of "sleep," with a scratchy sore throat and a bad attitude. No phone calls yet. suck

No choir tonight either since I can't sing with a throat full of scratch and phlegm. Or at least not so's you'd want to listen. awooooooooo!

Cracking Me Up AGAIN: Lowering the Bar
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Sorry to hear that there's been no phone calls yet and that you're tired and sick. Also sorry to hear about the drama, and it's too bad that I left so early -- did I miss anything good?

Well, it was coming, I think (the tired and sick part). I haven't been sick a LONG time and I've totally been doing and stressing too much. You'd think once you reach 40 you'd have learned better, but it ain't so. :P No, you didn't miss happened after I got home, but I'm hoping it's mostly over now.

get some vit C in you, woman! i hope you feel better soon and that you get the phonecall of your dreams. failing that, one offering you a job ;)

or both :) thanks!

Sounds like a horrible day! I hope you get some rest at some point and feel better soon and get some phone calls and all sorts of good stuff.

Thanks, Carrie! I appreciate it. :)

*hugs* sorry. i thought i was good about not coughing in your direction, but you know how these things get around...

i hope you feel better ASAP.

:D It's okay, I forgive you. I was due for a cold, I think.

*sends you lots of homemade potato soup and some cherry Ludens AND a bottle of NyQuil for tonight* ;)

you know just what to prescribe, doc. :)

I'm so sorry, sweet Liz, that you are having all of these bad things happen. I truly think you could take a sick day and be totally justified! But I know how that goes - it always seems like there is something huge going on when you get sick. So I wish you chicken tortilla soup and immune builder smoothies and orange juice mixed with Sprite. And for that phone to ring!

between you and purrthecat I'm all set to get better. :) thank you, dear.

Sorry you are sick Liz and that you didn't get your news. Immunity goes down right before your cycle so that is inadvertently when I catch a cold (like I have now). I have been logging in at least twice a day to peek at your journal to see if there is news on your job front! Stay warm and drink fluids!

I hope I'll reward your faithfulness with some news soon. You are right, it's right before cycle so I shouldn't have been taken by surprise. Hope YOU hear something soon, too!

Oh poor you!! No wonder you wanted to steal those hugs I posted!! :) You can have one too. I hope you feel better soon. Can you take a few days off 'work'?

Hope they call soon! Don't sweat it though, it's amazing how time flies while you're getting things sorted out for a new person...

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