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I got the Company A job!!!!!
mood: ecstatic

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Congratulations!!! Now take a big sigh of relief. ;)


Was that Company A as in the one you wanted most? YAY!

I don't know! I want them both! Company T is now scrambling to see what they can do early next week so they don't lose their chance :D eek!!

Congratulations! :)

Good news!! Well done!!

I would play you a triumphant trumpet fanfare but alas, know no triumphant fanfares. I also have no trumpet. Not that I could play it if I had. But I thought about it, and that's important.

Also, congratulations!

ah, but then you've never been known to blow your own trumpet ;D

YAY! YAY! Hip hip hooray! YES! YES!

I'm so excited for you, liz!

zuper :)


You go girl!! Wooo Hooo!

YAY! Congratulations!!!


O Fantastic! O Happiness! O manic phlegmy joy! Congratulations!!!!! Good for you! Way to Go! Hoot! Hoot! Not that I ever had a moment's doubt, of course. Being a Pixie and a huge fan of the Lizard and all, I arranged all my lucky charms just so and sprinkled it with a generous...uh...sprinkle of fairy dust and chanted some nonsense and Magical Poof! Gainful employment for my Swedish Sweetie!


o..that was from me, by the way. You know... Wee, your friendly blogospherian-Canadian Pixie! With love and Halloween glitter (and just between you and me, something huge and irritating wedged behind my molar!) with love!!! xoxox


*throws streamers and pops confetti poppers and breaks open the champers* Woo!

WooHoo! Yea, now we can move on to other things, don't you just hate being in limbo. And pardon me for not keeping up but Company A would be?

I don't want to say until everything is definite. :)

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