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This has been a crazy emotional day. :) Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes and crossed fingers and held thumbs and words of encouragement over the past 4 weeks.

I got the offer from Company A when I got home, and it is lower than I expected, but I have the weekend to think about it and how I want to approach the salary negotiation. I hope I can get them to nudge it up a bit.

This afternoon I called and left messages again for the people at Company T who hadn't called me as promised on Monday and didn't return my messages from Tuesday, telling them that I needed to know the status as I had another job offer. 30 minutes later she had called me back in total consternation, and very upset that she hadn't called earlier in the week. She said that if I had my own company she would offer me the job on the spot as a consultant, but that doesn't work since I don't. The problem is that they were forced by HR regulations to post the job internally and they have 1 internal candidate, so now she wants to set up some sort of test to figure out if I am better qualified than this internal person. I told her that I can't expect Company A to wait much more than the middle/end of next week, so she promised to get back to me as fast as possible. We'll see what happens.

I am sitting here very quietly freaking out over the whole thing. :) In a good way.
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Oh! and...(for freaking out in good ways) YAY!!!

I just want to say congrats here. You see, something may work out here after all: now that one company wants you, maybe it'll give the other company to try harder or snooze-and-lose. :)


ok- do you want to hear how the intuitive exercise to find out which job would be for your highest good turned out????
I am happy that your long month of tension is over! Love, Lizardmom

YES! of COURSE I want to hear! :)

Congrats!!! That is fantastic to have one offer on the table anyway, and you must definitely nudge a bit on salary, I'm sure they'll expect you to :)

It's a crazy world, job hunting, but the light is clearly at the end of the tunnel!

woo-hoo. I hope you get what you truly want.


I hope Company T is squirming BIGTIME! And that Company A is ready to be pressed on the salary're worth it!!!

Re: Congratulations!

They are squirming pretty hard, in fact they want me to come in on Monday morning for a 3-hour session with the HR and communications manager. eek! But they also gave me some more info about the job which suddenly makes it NOT so attractive and I have to call and verify. :( we'll see what happens. I hope you find something soon, too! Did you go ahead and send in your resume to Company A anyway?

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