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Everything is well with my world right now. Had today off and my heart is singing with relief about the definite job offer and the pending one. Karin and I went to a brunch which was PACKED with people, lots of friends and acquaintances from the AWC, and, thankfully, NO DRAMA.

Afterwards, we went to the mall, ate lunch and bought some shirts and sweatshirts for the kids. Guess who only wanted to shop in the BOY'S section? :P At the food court, we ran into one of my prospective co-workers from Company A, who I interviewed with last week, and we chatted for a minute and then he asked me if I'd talked to the boss, and said, "Please say yes! I NEED YOU!" with a beseeching look. I laughed and told him that his desperation would weigh heavily in my decision.

Best of all, Anders is home! :) :) :) and we have no plans tonight, which is great, because we are busy every single day for the REST OF THE MONTH. I exaggerate only slightly.

I feel like I've lost the thread of my writing here, in this journal. It's been hijacked by real life and I haven't had time for stopping to drink in the beauty of the autumn season or musings on times past or philosophical conundrums. Hopefully in a short while I will be fully back on track.

Other Things Real Life Has Also Pushed Me Past Lately: cleaning out the damned art bench in the playroom, making giveaway packages of collage and paper art supplies for friends, finishing the overdue update of the family website.

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