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I do not want to know how many trees the children of the world are responsible for in and of themselves when it comes to drawings, paintings, cut out bits of artwork, lessons, homework, etc., ad nauseum. The amount of paper in our art bench alone must account for at least 2 birches and an old oak tree. And I'm only a third of the way through it. The capacity of my children for squiggly lines and scribbles is ENORMOUS.

Karin and I cleaned out all of her clothes, ridding her drawers and closet of all things too small and too girly and too pink for this go-round, and ended up with 2 huge paper bags of clothes to give away. All that is left is jeans, soccer shorts, Hulk tshirts, Spiderman socks and pajamas, and a wardrobe that is predominantly red, white and blue.

I had a call from Company T's HR contact this morning asking if I could come in for a 3-hour (THREE HOUR!) interview on Monday morning. And then she proceeded to tell me that the job was not a permanent one, but rather a project-based position for 10 months with a possibility of extension.


That was the chances of my taking the job with Company T hitting the ground. I will still go in and talk to them on Monday, just to see, and the boss, whom I called immediately afterwards to verify this bad news, has assured me that she will be completely honest and let me know if she thinks I should even consider them further. At least I probably won't have to disappoint anyone and can take the job with Company A with a clear conscience.

My mom and her friend Jane did an psychic intuition a few days ago on my two job possibilities and interestingly, before even knowing about this latest bit of news, their answers, while involving whales and edges and the number 8 lying on its side,* were a yes to Company A and a resounding NO to Company T. I love talking to my mom about stuff like this because it's both interesting and amusing, and my eyeballs get a workout. hee hee. :) Love you, mom!

Really Good Writing Out There Right Now: Inspiration Sandwiches for Everyone!

Go Buy This Book, you won't regret it, and if you want to know why, go read this first:

*infinity! it's a good thing!
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Oh yes-- I'm a big believer and practitioner of tuning in to the "psychic" guidance--- whatever you want to call it. Sounds like your job is coming into being! Go you!! ~ bluepoppy

My nieces go through paper like wildfire. I'm trying to teach them that if you cut a 2x3" shape out of an 8x11" piece of paper, it's okay to draw on the unused part! I recycle the scraps for the idiotic Blue Bag recycling program.

oh- to have the decision so clear cut- some people would kill for that! So there is a bright side! and for what its worth- I would do the interview for the hell of it also!

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