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I wonder how many people in Sweden will vote yes for the Euro on Sunday in honor of Anna Lindh? Apparently, it happened somewhere else in Europe that someone's death engendered sympathy votes for the Euro, but I can't find anything on Google. Anyone heard of this?
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I'm voting Yes because it's the right thing to do - as is my hubby. We've wanted the Euro for a while now and if Sweden is in the EU, why not just go all the way and join the EMU? :) Why be an outcast... :)

I don't think it was the Euro, but the Dutch politician Wim (?) Fortuin (gaah, I hear the name pronounced in my head but I have no idea how to spell it) was shot a few days prior to elections, and his party got a really big chunk of unexpected votes. Also in the poll figures a month after Palme's death back in 86 the Social democrats' votes went up by 6% or so.

that must be it. My boss couldn't remember where, he thought it had happened in Belgium or Holland. Thanks!!

My husband thinks that it might gain a few 'sympathy votes.' I think it might sway people who are uncertain but maybe leaning towards yes already. Since her murder was probably not out of a direct political motive, I think it will more likely simply influence an excellent voting turn-out in an attempt to bounce back after this blow to Swedish democracy.

I haven't heard of anything related to the Euro specifically, but I was reminded a bit of LBJ being able to get the Civil Rights Act through Congress after JFK was assassinated.

I'm both anti-EU and anti-EMU, but even I thought I might be swayed a bit to vote yes, if I were eligible to vote.

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