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That's me today. Or at least what I feel like. I stayed in bed until the last possible second before having to go to choir practice. I now know that I can shower, make up and dress in 17 minutes when necessary.

Can't stop coughing and feel as though I have bruises under my eyes...several choir members asked me if I was "fat in the throat"* which made me laugh, and then cough. I ended up making it through about 2.5 hours before deciding it wasn't worth it, and went home where I slept for FOUR hours. Had chicken soup for dinner and feel marginally more human. The 3 hour interview tomorrow morning ought to be fun.

*tjock i halsen
mood: sick
music: Stockard Channing—There Are Worse Things I Could Do


Hope you're feeling better & will be thinking of you today. Good Luck with the job interview.

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