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2nd interview and test went well, I thought. They gave me 3 tasks to do and 45 minutes to do them in. I did them all without much problem, although of course I could have done better with more time. :D They have promised to let me know today whether they have succeeded in extending the job from a temporary one to a permanent one. I am not holding out much hope at this point, but at least now I have a contact at Company T and that could lead to something good in the future. :) Now I am off to ask questions and negotiate salary with Company A...wish me luck.

My throat is better and I'm feeling human again today, which is good since I have book group tonight.

I just realized that it is now officially less than a month to Halloween and I have to come up with some good costume ideas for myself and the kids (Anders has another engagement that weekend, grump). Any and all ideas are welcome, provided they don't require much sewing or much money. I'm trying to figure out how I can re-use costumes we've had in the past...hmmm...I kinda like this one, but then what do I do with the kids?!

Speaking of kids, what do you do when your child wants something with all his or her heart that is impossible* to give? I've mentioned before that my children were probably born into the wrong bodies, and yesterday Karin spent some time emphatically stating that she wished she were a boy. How to explain that it doesn't matter that she's a girl, when she can do anything she wants, all the things that boys do, and still be herself? I felt like Mother Bear quietly saying, "You can't have that wish, Little Bear," and it about broke my heart.

Rich and Golden, Glowing Gorgeous Birthday Wishes to galestorm!

*I think it's a little too early to talk about sex-change operations. :P
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Maybe you could make your kids into little cocktail sausages to go with your costume? Or how about some condiments, a jar or tube of mustard and ketchup?

As to Karin's problem, you can tell her that her honorary "Auntie Carolyn" spent a LOT of years as a little girl, wishing she were a little boy instead. I never liked playing with dolls (unless you count having them be in truck accidents in the sandpile or forced to swing at the end of a rope after being rechristened Black Bart or even in one instance, tied to a stake and a pile of papers set afire under it, until my mom caught me and whipped my butt for playing with matches). I grew up pretty happy, being more athletic in a lot of ways than most girls, and I've never been giggly, but over-all now, at 54 years old, I like being the kind of female I am.

LOL! Actually, I think the whole condiment idea seems like too much work. :) Although maybe I could just dress one in all red (ketchup) and one in all yellow (mustard). I doubt either one of them would go for it, though. I'm pretty sure Karin wants to be a Power Ranger or Spiderman. :D

I will definitely tell her about Auntie Carolyn who is one of the most well-adjusted ladies I know, despite her degenerate youth. :P

You left out something - degenerate, NON-FEMALE STEREOTYPE youth! Wish I lived closer to you, I'd come and take Karin out for a special day, like I used to do with my nieces, and we'd talk.

I wish you lived closer to me, too. :) Maybe that will still happen sometime, though!! :)

Yeah, what Carolyn said. I'm sure you're doing a good job at imparting to Karin that there are lots of different types of females, and she can choose what type of girl she's going to be and what type of woman she can grow up into. And I'm sure you'll do a good job at guiding her.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Just don't send any birthday fishes! :)

I wouldn't bream of it. :P Hope your day was an excellent one!

*laughs out loud at the costume*
I thought you said cheap?! You could make the kids be a slice of bread each. *heh*

Or, because Karin wants to be a boy, let her be a cowboy or Spiderman or something? That would help prove your point that she can do whatever she wants as a girl in this life :)

As for costume ideas, I've got TONNES! Drop me an email if you want and we can chat about it all. :) (if you need the help that is)

Good luck with Company A!

yes please!! The more ideas, the better! And the easier and cheaper and less involved, the EVEN better!! :)

Were you thinking going as a 'group' or individuals?

That info will help lubricate my brain. :)

We do usually try to go with some sort of theme ensemble. Anders won't be along this year, so it's me and the kids. We've been characters from the Wizard of Oz, and Peter Pan, and we've been vikings, and we've been the 3 Billy Goats Gruff (I have the fur ponchos still, so that might be useful). Last year was the first year where we went as individuals (Anders and I were king & queen, Martin was a cat, and Karin was a dragon)

Yes, I was thinking condiments as well (good luck with that one)...

and the girl things - distressing. Just keep up the lectures - my children get them at the drop of a hat and always did - little 3 year old MPC on the climbers at the park "that boy says no girls are allowed on it.."

"AND, what should you tell him?" I would ask.

"There is no such thing as 'just for boys' and everything is for boys and girls because there is no difference..."

In fact, we messed with her mind as an toddler and never said the word "girl" to her, she was always a kid -even now she plays more with the boys than the girls, her best friends have always been boys (the smartest ones in the class, of course) and the little girl cliques - they go right over her head - she is blissfully oblivious.

Fear not. She will find her own way. (but bring in the books about powerful women anyway, and throw out all the Disney movies - try movies like "Kiki's delivery service") (title?).

And, she can get together with my brilliant and handsome son when she is older - they have the exact same interests, and of course he'll take after his father who loves the strong independent women.

Thanks for all the good advice. We try that too, avoiding gender words and roles, but it's a hard line to walk. I want them both to be proud and happy of what and who they are. I can't throw out the Disney movies though, because MARTIN loves them. Thankfully, he loves Kiki as well (plus the Disney movies? are MINE.). Let's get our kids together soon! too bad betrothing youngsters sight unseen is frowned upon these days! :P

Oh lordy, that just reminded me of a wonderful story I bought some years ago for my nieces. It was called "Cinder Edna" and was about Cinderella's younger sister, Edna. It was a marvelous story. I have to see if I can find it and send it on to Karin.

How about Börd med Korv ... ;) Our daughter (age 7) loves to be out in the workshop, taking apart an old motor, hammering etc it's encouraged in our home :) like wise when our son has taken interest in sewing, ironing and doing the laundry.

sounds SO familiar! :D Glad to know I'm not alone!

You're so cruel not letting her have a sex change at this age.... such a conservative mum .... ever heard of 'the times they are a changin''? Things have moved on woman, get out of the dark ages and give it to her!!

No way, jose, I'm a product of my generation. One foot on the floor when boys are in the room, too and the door has to be open. Oh wait, that's my MOM'S generation! hahahaha!

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