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My head is saying "fool, forget him," my heart is saying "don't let go."

Grease lyrics aside, luxury decisions are still decisions. And just because having a choice of jobs is a "nice" position to be in, that doesn't make the decision any easier. I am completely stumped at the moment. I don't know what to do or which job to take. I really don't want to be in the position 3 months from now of thinking, "Damn, I should have picked the other one."

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Hrmmm, hard one. Is one of them still just a contract role rather than full time?

Where do you get the best vibe from the people?

It's awful, Kristy, I feel like my head is going to explode. Yes, one is still a project contract, and I get great vibes from BOTH, which is part of my problem. I've just sent them both deadline emails. Argh.

I know the feeling, it's horrible, I feel for you. Does the fact that one is full time not nudge it ahead for you? I don't want to affect your decision as much as I'm sure you're dying for someone to just 'solve it' :)

decision making is always the hardest i think. fact is it seems that there will always be some loss no matter what you choose. but that's just how it goes. i seriously believe that something happens for a reason so i can't really feel any regrets of my past decisions even if some of them ended up being disastrous. good luck!

Maybe making a pros and cons list physically would help? I would think that the permanent one would definately be the forerunner, but again, it's totally up to you.

You can't beat yourself up in the future over which you choose. We all make decisions based on the information available to us at the time. So, don't take the weight of the world on your shoulders. Try and take all emotion out of it and make it a professional, career decision. Again, the list may help.

*big hug* We're all rooting for you, you know :) I'm just so glad that there is a choice for you. It may be hard, but do the pros and cons list and I'm sure after talking it through with Anders, you'll have a better idea of which one is for you. :)

*hugs to you, my clear-headed friend*

Anders and I talked it over about an hour ago, and I sent "deadline" emails to both companies, one to say I'd let them know by tomorrow and the other to say a full-time position is a requirement. Now, I wait...again.

*big hugs* That's an excellent position to be in though. I know you hate waiting (so do I - impatience is one of my best virtues) BUT at least you're calling alot of the shots! :) Go you, you badass pro you! :)

Don't forget, we're here to cheer you on. :)
(sampling: Go Liz! Go Liz! Kick some ass! Go Liz!)

Still, all in all it's a good problem to have!

I know :) I'm not exactly complaining, it's just frustrating because I want BOTH of them, and also don't want to disappoint people who have been being very open and honest about how much they want me to work for them. :(


Always, ALways. always...go with the intuition!!! And always know that whichever the choice is,it is for your highest good. So stop stewing about the options and alsways listen to your Mother! :) hahahahaa - LOve, Lizardmom

:) Life would be a lot simpler if we just listened to Mom, eh?

oh, Liz I agree with the person who said, 'we can only deal with the information we have at the present time'. There will inevitably come that crappy day when you think, 'I bet the other job wouldn't be like this.' No matter where you choose to go.

All will be revealed. doesn't that sound very Zen. Sending you all sorts of good thoughts for PEACE! of your mind, that is.

I'm no good at making decisions, myself, so I can sympathize... But like everyone else here, I'd say you should see if intuition is leading you more one way or the other. Congratulations on having this dilemma, anyway!


Eenie-meenie-mynie-mo always seems to work. If you don't like that, there'a always potatoes.

One potato
two potato
three potato
my mother say to pick the very best one
and you

We have a winner.


o...I do like the one potato two option, but I offer no advice. just support and pixie dust. The pixie dust will not help in the decision making, but sometimes I find it makes a handy headache remedy when rubbed gently into your temples. At very least, it makes you sparkly. :P big love, wee xo

Sparkly is good! :D


what time is it in Sweden? A wee wonders.

It's 6 hours difference to the east coast, 7 hours to Chicago, 9 hours to California. (Sweden is ahead of the U.S.) So, when it's 9 a.m. here, it's 3:00 a.m. the night before in Detroit, for example.

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