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Can't get ahold of the Company T boss, but their HR told me it's definitely a project job and they can't change it at this point.

Called Company A and pushed for a higher salary. She's talking to her HR and is calling me back.

mood: worried
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Good ON you for pushing them!! I think you are doing brilliantly, as horrible as it feels having to choose - you're not buckling and that's fantastic. They'll give it to you, the higher salary. You go girl!

wibble *stomach hurts* wibble

Project job means it's just for one project and then it's done? Do we call that contract job over here?

yes, sorry, I was writing swenglish. It's a 10-month contract with a possibility for permanent employment at the end, but no guarantees.

I have everything crossed for you.

Stress, but good stress.

I'll send good more-kronor-vines!!!

Permanent job-- yeah! fingers are SO crossed for you!

Keeping my fingers,legs and thumbs crossed for you :)

Lycka till!

go for the permenant postition


On an altogether different note.... I just visited your family site and clicked on your collage project for the first time and LIZ! They're amazing! Goregous! I had no idea!!!!! I'm so impressed i'm spilling pixie dust everywhere! Really! The wolf is covered! (she is also angling to get the last of the yogurt I'm eating) WOW! more, more, more please. Because you simply aren't busy enough! xo Wee

aw gee! thanks :) I like collage a lot because I get to use OTHER PEOPLE'S beautiful stuff in ways I like. I have to confess it's been AGES since I had time to sit down and play with my collage book. :( disgustingly long. I do have an ATC project that I have to do before Oct 26, so hopefully that will get me rolling again.

I'm just catching up on this whole saga! What a stressful time for you, but marvellous that you have managed to get TWO offers. Way to go!

Sending you good vibes. If they don't answer, I'll email them a picture of my toenails...

I know, it's not something I can complain about, even though it HAS been stressful :) Update ahead with the news :)

help! I went to look at the family page, and I can't find the collage!

*crossing my fingers for you* This job stuff is going to work out - I know it is! Sending up prayers for all of this to be resolved so we can all get some sleep around here. ;)

:) go to, click on spotlight, and then on my face...and then in my little bio section next to Hobbies, there is a link to Collage Art Project :)

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