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Yesterday was a horrible day. Instead of listening to my heart and head, I let my boss freak me out and convince me to hold out for more money and my stomach was tied up in knots for hours because of it.

However, all's well that ends well, assuming the contract arrives any minute, which I'm expecting...

I've taken the job with Company A, the permanent position, the one that I've been leaning toward the whole time.* And I'm happy and relieved and sad and resigned and too many damned emotions all tied up at once, what with having the stress level plunge to the basement, and the grief over leaving a job I've loved and liked and hated, and the insecurity and anticipation that goes with starting a new job with new people and new routines and new challenges.

The start date is still in question as I have to sign the contract, talk to my HR and my boss, but I'm hoping that I can start on October 18th. Regardless of my start date, I've been invited to participate in an offsite meeting overnight in Denmark with my new colleages on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Butterlifes! There you are! Welcome back to my stomach! ow! stop biting!

You can all uncross your various body parts now, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Cracking Me Up: Warning to All Dog Owners!!

*SIX WEEKS of vacation, read it and weep, U.S. residents!
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Congratulations! I am so glad things worked out and my poor twisted toes are glad too. *grin*

Well, you ARE employed, you will continue to be employed, this is a GOOD thing (not to mention the 6 weeks' vacation, nanananana to all the people in the U.S. with 2 weeks and glad to have it). And thanks for the link, I've been wondering about that all along, since Sophie has been reacting in suspicion every time we've been out in the last few weeks.



And, for this dog owner, it's the mail that is dangerous, not leaves on the ground.


And, just to be a stinker, I had 6 weeks vacation in the US, and T had 5 :) So, I actually took a cut in vacation moving to Sweden!

I actually had 4 in the States (worked for a bank) and with national holidays it was 10 more days :) but you and T were lucky compared to most people!


Ohhh you are nearing the end of this journey--- have a big glass of red wine and put your feet up. Deep breath. It's all going to be okay. ~ bluepoppy


YAY!!! My body parts thank you. Man, anyone else need a stiff drink?!!! Congratulations, Liz!!!

That's awesome news! Congratulations!!


*big hugs* I'm so happy for you. Just going to read that link now.

Hooray!!! Great news, and I'm sure you're resting more easily to have this whole thing settled.

I am totally jealous of your six weeks of vacation. Oh, the things I would DOOOOOOOO with that much paid time off from work!

I am definitely resting easy! :) I know, it's incredible, isn't it? 5 weeks is MANDATED by the government. When are you moving over? :P

Hooray! Congratulations!!

Congratulations again, now that everything is official. Pretty nice that you didn't even end up unemployed for a single day. :)

I didn't doubt for a minute that you'd get a job, and I'm just very glad this one worked out for you. It's stressful, but a really good exercise. Now be sure to keep those running shoes tied around your neck! In fact, it's a good time to read that book, Who Moved My Cheese, now that the pressure is off. It IS a good book.

I HAVE read it :) I read it during the summer. It made me roll my eyes, but it WAS a good lesson, even for me, since I had just gone through an experience that caused me to behave like one of the mice (moving to open landscaping) and not necessarily the mouse I would have chosen. :P

Congrats! Hope the transition is eased in any way possible and that your new colleagues are worthy of your company.

I'm glad you held out...and got what you wanted.
Big Congratulations!

I think my dog can relate to the whole leaf thing.

Exhibit A:

OHMIGOD! Look out! They're massing for attack!! LOL

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