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Yesterday was a horrible day. Instead of listening to my heart and head, I let my boss freak me out and convince me to hold out for more money and my stomach was tied up in knots for hours because of it.

However, all's well that ends well, assuming the contract arrives any minute, which I'm expecting...

I've taken the job with Company A, the permanent position, the one that I've been leaning toward the whole time.* And I'm happy and relieved and sad and resigned and too many damned emotions all tied up at once, what with having the stress level plunge to the basement, and the grief over leaving a job I've loved and liked and hated, and the insecurity and anticipation that goes with starting a new job with new people and new routines and new challenges.

The start date is still in question as I have to sign the contract, talk to my HR and my boss, but I'm hoping that I can start on October 18th. Regardless of my start date, I've been invited to participate in an offsite meeting overnight in Denmark with my new colleages on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Butterlifes! There you are! Welcome back to my stomach! ow! stop biting!

You can all uncross your various body parts now, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Cracking Me Up: Warning to All Dog Owners!!

*SIX WEEKS of vacation, read it and weep, U.S. residents!
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I actually had 4 in the States (worked for a bank) and with national holidays it was 10 more days :) but you and T were lucky compared to most people!

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