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Karin just came over to me after the last strains of Everybody Wants To Be A Cat faded away and stuck her mouth in my face and said, "Mama, is there a hole here?" and pointed at her face.

I looked at her teeth and said, "Well, there seems to be a bigger gap here than I remember..." I stuck out my finger and touched her bottom teeth one by one and sure enough, the front right tooth moved back and forth under my finger.

"Whoa," I said, "You're going to lose a tooth."

Her face lit up like a beacon. "My first tooth! I have to go tell Jonathan! This is SO COOL."

Now she's walking around with her mouth open and her tongue pressing against her tooth. I'm afraid we'll be swimming in drool soon.

(she just called her dad at work to inform him of the momentous news :)
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the kind of events that i should draw an illustration of. for kids books. too bad i don't have own kids (or plan on having) so i need to hear them from others. :) i want to hear more stuff like this in the future too.

and congrats on the loose tooth! hooray!

Awww that's so sweet. :D Thanks for sharing.

You know it's the countless little stories like that we think we'll always remember but we don't. Good job to write them down.

Yippy ;)What an important event for Karin.

It is most definitely cool! How exciting for Karin. *smile*

Congrats to Karin! Ask her if Alex can have it, since he's still awaiting his first tooth.

CUTE! I remember having loose teeth. I *LOVED* playing with them with my tongue. I was so sad when all my adult teeth started coming in. I remember my mum thinking I was super weird because I was DISTRAUGHT when she said these would be permanent and I'd not loose anymore. :(

Maybe that's why I love my tongue piercing so much. Another tongue toy.

Are you gonna keep all her baby teeth? My mum has all of mine somewhere in a little tiny box.

Dunno what happened to my spelling on that comment. *oops*

Oh! And I wouldn't let anyone pull them out. They had to fall out themselves (from my playing with them). My dad hated me playing with them, and kept saying he was going to take them out in my sleep with pliers or a door and string. *meep* He didn't ever... but it still freaked me out. *hee*

I loved that sensation, too. And my dad did the same thing! Dads!

ew, no. We aren't keeping any teeth around. I never understood that tradition, frankly :P

Must've started as a type of supersticion, but I like the thought of my teeth being somewhere altogether. :)

Very cute! My 4 year old is enchanted with losing teeth and now leaves magazines, small toys and clothing under her pillow for the tooth fairy- not to mention a small white plastic toys she says is her tooth!

definately very cool!

That's big news, didn't you tell her she could tie a string to it and the door?

That first loose tooth is a momentous event.

I'm telling ye, that lose tooth stage gives me the heebie jeebie creeps and my family knows it and exploits it at every opportunity.

What will the tooth fairy bring? ;)

around these parts, teeth usually net a shiny new 10-kronor piece :)

Oooh lucky her :)

I hope the Tooth Fairy is good to Karin! is a very special occaision, and I don't blame her for calling her daddy at work ;)

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