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I may have a lead on a Siberian cat here in Skåne that we can go visit to see if Anders reacts. I'm SO happy at the thought that we might be able to get a cat again!! :) I miss them so much, and hate not having a cat in the house. We had to give away our two Swedish tiger tabbies when Martin was only 5 months old, as Anders' asthma allergy-reaction was getting too bad to mess with. :( I've since discovered that I'm actually allergic too, after not having cats in the house for the past 5 years, I react with itchy eyes and sneezing after a short time in a cat-home.

Thank you so much to hlu for starting the email chain that might actually lead somewhere. :) I've just contacted a club in Lund I was referred to, Föreningen Mästerkatten and left a message as well on their forum. The people at Siberisk Katt Sällskapet were so helpful, and told me they recently sold a Siberian to a couple in Lomma that we might be able to arrange a visit to. They have another cat that isn't Siberian, so we'd have to meet them with their cat elsewhere to see if Anders reacts, but they didn't seem averse to the idea.

happy happy!!
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