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There's a silvery sheen over everything these mornings, a satin glimmer to the world. Nothing mars the blue beauty of the sky, it stretches on forever, white to blue to cobalt. The shining sun means there is more to see, everything delineated and sharp. Objects that fade away when it's gray and rainy are suddenly demanding attention, silver shines, asphalt glitters, each leaf on each tree is an individual object to be noticed and taken into account. No visual slacking is permissible when the sun is shining in Sweden! Look! Look around you!

I used to be able to reply to LJ comments in Hotmail right in the body of the message, but a few weeks ago something happened and I can no longer do so. Has anyone else had this problem?

You know what? If I had a dollar bill for all the things I've done, there WOULD be a mountain of money piled up to my chin. Huh.

Places I Would Rather Be Right This Moment:
  • Sydney, Australia, hanging with Kathey and Russell, and courtesy
  • St. Thomas with my sister again
  • eating sushi, natch'
  • lying facedown on a massage table with my eyes rolled up in the back of my head
  • walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago
Yeah, What She Said: An Open Letter to Dubya
mood: calm
music: Ella Fitzgerald—Blue Moon


Well come on over lazybones!! I've just cooked some fish and there's a spare lounge! :)

Yeah, I've had that problem with Hotmail. I can reply now about 20% of the time. It's a real pain....

Leaaaving on a jet plane! haha! You'd FREAK if I just showed up! :P I sure wish I COULD! Stupid Hotmail.

I WOULD freak out, in excitement! :)

Speaking of Michigan Avenue:

Got this from my cousin...I love the article, the voice, etc.

I knew through reading Richard Roeper that the Sun-Times building was going down, but in my heart I find it hard to believe :(


Ohhhh massage! Yes yes yes! With hot stones and lasting 2 hours!!! Ahhhhh. I am so glad you are feeling so good and clear. ~bluepoppy

loved the first paragraph, Liz! So lovely, and I could SEE all those leaves in my mind.

I think you're definitely DUE for a massage. Go make yourself an appointment, lady!

waaaah! I tried, but got no answer today. Will have to probably wait a bit now, until I get settled at Axis. I wonder if they offer massages onsite like Ericsson did...hmmm...

I have 5 Gmail invites left if you are willing to try it out. I switched from Hotmail a while ago and I love it. *Vana White smile*

I've been sort of staying away from it since I have a gazillion email addresses already to keep track of...hmmm. Does it work with LJ comments like Hotmail did? If so, I'd appreciate an invite if you don't mind. :) Thank you!

Yes, you can answer via e-mail. Sometimes you have to click on the small blue Show quoted text link to get the textbox to come up (that's if you have more than one e-mail grouped together.)

I just need your e-mail and a first and last name, which can be fake if you want.

Liz Slaughter, liz at lizardek dot com :)


The weather is amazing, isn't it? This morning as I biked to school I could see my breath but by 1pm I was sitting in the sun at B01 drinking coffee!

Please let this last...


I know...I feel the same way. I LOVE this weather. I hope it lasts a LONG time! But I had frost to scrape off the car windows this morning, so I've got a bad feeling that winter is coming quick.

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