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I'll be sitting in a 2-day marketing group conference tomorrow and Wednesday with my new colleagues (!!) at this hotel in Gilleleje, Denmark. We get back Wednesday night just in time for me to make it to final choir rehearsal before our first concert on Saturday, so I won't be posting again until Thursday.

And, just so I have lots of comments to return to, I'd be thrilled if you (including you lurkers out there who never comment!) would do at least one of the following:

1. Ask me a question you'd like answered

2. Tell me something you'd like to see a photo of

3. Tell me a joke or a funny story

Be good while I'm gone. :)
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yay! I think I'm first! If I type really really fast!

just so you know, now I'm singing, 'There she goes...there she goes again...' which they've put in a birth control commercial and I just don't agree with that particular sell out.

hmmm. Please take a picture of your makeup bag, the one that you're bringing along on your trip! And whatever book you throw in to read while you're gone!

and I will miss you greatly. This sucks, you having a business life and all.

Okay .....

1. How did you KNOW A was the right one for you? :)

2. I'd like to see a photo of your daughter's face when you tell her you've decided to paint her room pink :)

3. What do you do if bird shits on your windscreen?
You don't take her out again :)


1. How can I make my hair as curly as yours? Pretty please...

2. A's expression when you suggest he gets a crack wax (bring on the hairy eyeball!)

3. Q. Why are pirates always so grumpy and mean?

A. I don't know, they just Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

1) when,where,how did you start singing?

2) inside of your new office

3)well, you had to be there, but the other day my sister actually mooned the rest of us...and the funnier part was that unbeknown to her my other sister happened to be holding the camera at that very

1.Have you ever burnt popcorn in the micro, and blamed it on a family member?

2.Your new green art table.

3.One early summer morning,I was letting out the cat. I said to the cat "if your going out take your tail with you" Hubby hears this & still groggy from sleep said "but I don't have a tail thank you very much" .... baah haah you just had to be there.

1. What is one thing you know how to cook (or make) without any recipe at all?
2. I'd like to see a photo of the street where you live. I'm convinced everyone in Sweden either lives in an apartment or on a farm. I have in my brain that you live in a neighborhood much like the one in which I grew up. I'd like to see if I'm right.
3. I can't think of anything funny right now, I'm so worried about the election.

I promise to be good. By the way, have you announced your new employer yet? I've been absent a couple of days...did I miss anything?

I just realized that I forgot to answer your last question. I think I announced it, but I'd have to go back and read myself! :) I took the job with Company A: Axis Communications. I start TOMORROW. eek!

1. How much beer did you smuggle back into Sweden?

2. I'd like to see a picture of you in the choir, if possible.

3. I can't think of any right now... Oh yeah, the biggest joke is who will be president of the US for the next 4 years. ;)

1. If you were to write a book, what would the premise be?

2. There was this perfect picture of you and Julie looking like cartoon characters and I don't know who it belonged to, but I would like to see it again. Although I really don't need to because it's right here in my mind's eye.

3. This is really more funny tragic, than funny ha, ha (and that funny tragic line comes from the movie Kissing Jessica Stein, which you would really like) I told two ancient jokes on Sunday. The first one happened when my friends and I went to Epcot for dinner and stopped by at the Rose & Crown Pub. We're all going to a Beer tasting dinner in November so one of my friends, who doesn't really like beer said: "I'll get a beer, I got to get ready for the beer dinner". My other friend said: "They're working out for the beer dinner, ha" and I said: "Yea, they're doing 16oz curls." She laughed.

The other old school joke happened when one of my friends who's really an associate, she just doesn't know it, made a crack about she's not that dumb (which she is) and I said: "even a stopped clock is right twice a day" My other friend totally cracked up because she'd never heard that before. I need to get some friends my own age.

Hope you had fun at your conference!

It was a cartoon that I drew when we moved onto 4 West and it's a thing of the past now. It probably got trashed after being on the door most of the year, but I know I don't have it, and I save everything. :)

photo of something

Hey Liz! I've been reading your blog and only just now figured out how I could reply...DOH!

I'd like to see a photo of your favorite little spot in your home. The place where everything is just as you want it to be...the place where your eyes land when you're seeking comfort, familiarity, peace.

I just KNOW you have a spot like that.


Re: photo of something

I'm so glad you figured it out :) I think there are a lot more people reading that haven't, so you're ahead of many. :) Photos forthcoming!

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