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October 14th, 2004

To: Human Resources
Ericsson Technology Licensing

Due to circumstances beyond my control, that is, the closing of Ericsson Technology Licensing, I have found a new job outside of the corporation, and therefore, I am tendering my resignation, effective today, October 14th, 2004.

To the best of my knowledge, all relevant materials and files have been handed over to the Marketing department.

Elizabeth Slaughter-Ek

mood: sad
music: Judybats—Daylight


Stick a fork in you: you're done!

Oh good, I was afraid that you wouldn't take it as an attempt at mood-lightening levity and see it as flippant. Hope the new job is everything that you hope for!

:) I know you, AND I know your humor (and it's a huge part of the reason why I like you so much :) I hope so, too! (about the job)

you can do that? Just quit in one day? Wow! I love Sweden!

Hurray for Liz! (And thank God you're back!)

Well, I actually forewarned them last week...and usually you have to give at least 3 months notice in Sweden, but this was special circumstances because of the company closing. :) I do have to go back for at least a few hours (or a day) because my boss wasn't here this week and wants to make sure everything is dealt with and done.

It is always bittersweet when you leave a job you have been doing for a while. I hope you enjoy your new job immensely and that going to work is always fun and never a chore!

Thanks Kitty Sue! I hope so, too. And you are so right about the bittersweet.

Do you still have to stay for three months, or do you have a different kind of contract?

Nope. It's special circumstances because of the company closing down, so they are not holding anyone to the 3-month notice. I forewarned them last week, and was just waiting for my contract to be corrected and signed today so I could give them the official notice. Mixed emotions!

I was just going to ask the same thing. I think it's cool that they're allowing you to quit just like that. Good luck with your new job.

Such a mixed blessing, isn't it?

I wish you all the best with your new job!

It is, indeed. I have VERY mixed emotions today!

Good luck my dear. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Thank you, dear. And the same to you, plus a hug to go with it.

I know. Believe me, I DO know. :)

Here's to sweet memories (I hope) and new beginnings.

Yes mixed feelings to say the least ... all the best in your new job :)

Good for you.
On to new adventures!

Good for you and very nicely worded as well. Good luck on your new position too.

If there's one thing being an English major was good for, it's wording. :) And, thanks!


You have the coolest hyphenated name I've seen in ages.

In other news, good luck!

heh. I disliked my maiden name immensely when I was growing up, although there is always a chuckle in telling people what my father (air force major) and grandfather (surgeon) did for a living :) But I found after we married, that it was a part of my identity, so I decided not to give it up. :) I also like having a tree in my name!

And where are the FIRE ANTS?

They're inside a time-release capsule :) haha!

Congrats! I hope you feel at home and happy @ your new job

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