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I have so many things to write about that I hardly know where to start. I might have to do a bullet-point list just for the sake of my sanity.
  • If you're in a group of 9 people where half of them speak French and half of them speak Swedish, and they ALL speak English, they will still divide and gravitate to each other by language, only remembering now and again that they should ALL be mingling together.
  • I like Chicken Satay better than Chicken Green Curry.
  • I might need to clone myself for my new job, there is so much to do.
  • Can you imagine 2 of me in the world?
  • Talking to idahoswede when she's buzzed is a lot of fun.
  • The new issue of Mosaic Minds is out! It's AWESOME! Although the masthead gave me the heebie-jeebies.
  • My children behave so well in public it's almost unnatural.
  • I so need to get walking again.
  • 1 day without a mobile phone after 4.5 years with one was enough to drive me crazy. I bought a new card this afternoon.
  • I have no plans tonight. Can that be true? *checks calendar repeatedly*
courtesy wanted to know How did I KNOW that Anders was the Right One for me?
Actually, this one was easy. I've written before about the day we met and that really contains the majority of my answer. I knew after 5 days, and so did he. It was chemistry, both emotional and physical from the start. He had a great accent, and he was cute, and he drove a Porsche. He makes me laugh. He puts me first. He answers my physics and math questions without making me feel stupid. He tells me he loves me each night before we fall asleep.

ozswede wanted to know How can she make her hair as curly as mine?
Here's what worked for me. Before the poodle took up residence on my head, my hair was a lovely shade of chestnut. It was shoulder-length and it was wavy. Wavy, not curly. My sister's hair was curly. It was curly with a capital C. When she had children, she lost her curl, and it's taken her nearly 5 years to get it back. My waves are a thing of the past, however. First, I colored my hair for the first time right before I got married. This helps destroy the normally round shape of hair follicles causing hair to twist as it grows, or so I've been told. I have not bothered to verify the veracity of this because my hair won't care if it isn't true. Second, I moved to Sweden, land of insidious humidity that causes frizzle. Third, I had 2 children, giving my body and my hair no time to recover inbetween. Fourth, I gave up on styling because the frizzle has more willpower than even I do, and it wore me down. So there you have it: color, move, pregnancy, defeat. The poodle wins.

gnostraeh wanted to know When, where, how did I start singing?
As far as I know, I started in the womb. I've been singing for as long as I can remember. My father sang and played guitar and banjo, and listened to musicals and folk music. My mom always sang around the house with us, much as I do with my own children. The first choir I remember joining was when I was 13, in junior high. I was in choirs continually until college, and I sing in the shower, in the car, when I'm walking, when I'm bathing my children, and when I'm making dinner. The weird part is that I never had any formal training, and can't really read music...I can only follow it. But I have perfect pitch, and memorize quite quickly. Singing is a bit like breathing to me, I do it all the time and often unconsciously.

More questions and photos to come :)

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Too Much TV

Super Tribute to A Super Man: The Man of Steel

Cracking Me Up: Talking Behind the Snooze Button's Back
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Gah! I may not be able to read Mosaic Minds this month.

Heh! Just scroll a bit so the masthead disappears :)

I can't see how hair dye can change the follicle shape. It just can't.

Looking forward to reading Mosaic Minds again.

It was actually a hair dresser technician who told me that, but I also have my doubts. However, there is no denying that the poodle began its insidious transformation only after I colored my hair the first time.

another proven method for poodle head...

my DH, Paul, used to have perfectly straight hair. his sister has perfectly straight hair. his brother has poodle head.

paul, however has epilepsy. when he was first dealing with it as a teen, he ended up in the hospital at one point trying to get the seizures under control. they started him on a new med (phenobarbitol) ams the nurse made a mistake. she was supposed to put the laoding dose in the IV so that it was a slow dose... instead she gave it to him in his arm. he had a mojor reaction to it and ended up with pancreatitis. and in a coma... and when he woke up, his hair was curly. overnight. all the way down the hair. overnight.

so, phenobarbitol - pancreatitis - coma = poodle head

Re: another proven method for poodle head...

Yikes! That's quite a story. Did they tell you that was a side effect?

Thank you for that :) That's so sweet, I'm so glad you found each other :)


As for the music ability- right from birth- at the age of 4-5 weeks- lying in the bassinet and listening to your Grandad play his harmonica which had a sour note- every time he hit that note- you screwed up your face and started to cry! :)As for the hair coloring- that sure didn't work for me- still straight as a stick- in spite of all 3 kids having wavy to frizzy hair! AHHHH well- I've learned to appreciate what I have! Lizardmom

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