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Imagine a theater nearly in the round, one of those old medical operating theaters, with high paneled wooden seats, so that the students can see every detail of what's happening under the hands of the surgeon. Now, instead of a surgeon, add a black dance floor, a backdrop, a jazz saxophonist, a drummer that really rocks out, a tall young blonde woman with dramatic makeup and a slinky eggplant-colored flamenco dress, and a choir dressed in black with red espadrilles. We rocked the house with our Sangria premiere today. 1 down, 4 concerts to go. :)

natooke wanted to know Have I ever burnt popcorn in the micro, and blamed it on a family member?
No. But a glass hurricane lamp got broken once during a coaster frisbee war with my brother and sister and we blamed it on the cat. Mom, if you're reading this, John did it. >:D

studiozoe wanted to know What is one thing I know how to cook (or make) without any recipe at all?
Artichokes. For those of you who know how, this may not seem like a big deal, but I get stopped in the grocery stores all the time when I'm picking them out or have them in my cart, and asked how to prepare them. People don't know how to eat them, much less how to cook them.

slxception wanted to know How much beer did I smuggle back into Sweden?

capkiller wanted to know If I were to write a book, what would the premise be?
Bunnies take over the world.

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