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Things to remember: new names, new faces, what jobs go with which faces and names, which departments are where, the layout of the building, where I am, how to find things, where the bathrooms are, what my new phone number is, what my new email is, what my new work address is. I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning.

Is there a limit to the new things a brain can hold? Does information overload actually result in the gasping, frenzied deaths of millions of tiny grey cells? I am both enervated and fatigued.

Many things will be very good once the newness wears off and I get a grip on things. Some differences will take a lot of getting used to. In many ways, I was VERY spoiled at my old job.

And there is no...


sushi at my new job.

*moment of silence*

Karin: Can I play a computer game?
Me: Okay, but it's bedtime in half an hour.
Karin: How long can I play?
Me: Half an hour.
Karin: How long is that?
Me: *patiently* 30 minutes
Karin: *pause* Is that long?
Me: *laughing* Well, it's not VERY long, but it's long enough to play for a bit. But, no bitching when I tell you it's bedtime.
Karin: *runs away to the playroom*
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See? That's why your kids have amazingly good behavior in public! You are mom supreme. ~bluepoppy

There is definitely a limit! I usually reach mine about 1.5 hours into our lectures depending on the subject. It's truly amazing, my brain just rejects any new incoming information. Then all I think about are things like:
"Why did those bastards have to take away the candy machine?"
"I wonder if that banana fly is some sort of mutant escapee from a lab around here."
"I can't believe I left my favorite pencil and eraser at home!"

All work and no sushi makes Lizardek a melancholy girl.

Careful there Mom

Your conversation with your daughter reminded me of similar exchanges with my now-19-year-old. I was trying to quit cussing once so I made a deal with her (she was 12) that if I said a cussword she could use it in conversation with me 10 times (but not where anyone else could hear). She overheard me on the phone later that day saying, "Bitch bitch bitch! All that damn bitch can do is bitch bitch bitch!" She added it up: 70 uses of "bitch" and 10 uses of "damn."

We still have fun with that one!


Re: Careful there Mom

har! great story! Actually, I don't really consider "bitching" in that context to be a swearword, although I wouldn't use "bitch" as an expletive in front of her. :) I'm sure there are lots of people who would disagree with me, but there are other words I find much more offensive and am careful about. :)

Oh poor you. Perhaps there will be something to replace the sushi though? You never know.

I bet things will be going great at your new job before you know it! congratulations again :)

How dare they present you with new things at a new job! and no sushi!?! That's just too much...LOL
Hilarity aside, I wish for you some ease in the transition, quickly recognizing your allies, a nurturing and satisfying atmosphere and routine (and maybe you can get sushi delivery?)

thank you, dear. I hope those things come true quickly :)

Hey, you survived the first day (always a biggie!) It will get easier from now on, as you know. I guess it's hard to take it all in and fire up the grey matter now you are well and truly over the hill 40.

I hope it DOES get easier! I don't have that many brain cells left!

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I know. :) Ditto. *hugs*

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