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Hours In Day + Things To Do = DOES NOT COMPUTE

redpirk, there's a problem now with meeting you on the 31st. They just moved the time of the Halloween party up to 4:30, which means I now have to be there at 2 p.m. to decorate. Do you want to come to the party? If so, would it be just you? You are very welcome to come as my guest, if you like (it's a family/kid thang, though, so be warned).

Excellent, if a bit un-PC*, rant about the societal changes leading to our current state of affairs in Sweden: Sick Leave

Really Great Book Site for Recommendations Based on YOUR Criteria: WhichBook.Net
(thanks to ozswede for the link)

*I don't care, but you've been warned, if you do.
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Only a BIT un-PC? Shucks, and here I was, working away at that, but now I think I'm depressed and stressed and need some time off.

Me, too. Shall we go on sick leave together? >:P

Thailand or Greece? I'd rather Greece myself.

Santorini is calling!

You book the tickets, I'll find a nice condo. is cool! So far, I', supposed to read a book called "Salamander." I'll have to look that one up.

Wheres the party going to be? I can try to drop in for a while :) Kids don't scare me and I'll bring the camera..hehe. We'll be getting to Malmö at about 12 so we could still have lunch unless you don't think its enough time..

Oh wait...haha...we're not getting there on the 31st! we'll be there on the 30th and leave the 31st. how about saturday then?

Oh man, I can't do it on Saturday. I have a work function that day with my ex-colleagues and have to get a babysitter fairly early. What time are you leaving on Sunday?

around noon..maybe we could meet in the late morning around 10 or 11?

I don't think I can swing it, with all the getting ready for the Halloween party :( I have to get the costumes together, all the stuff i'm taking with me (decorations and food), etc. :( What a bummer!!! :( I hope you and galestorm can maybe get together, though. We'll have to catch you on the next trip. waah! :(

awww...bummer! i was looking forward to meeting you but i understand. i'll just have to plan another trip down there :)

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