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Yesterday, in the midst of writing out a glossary of Swedish terms for things found in your bathroom,* I listed rubber duck, which in Swedish is gummianka. Isn't that a silly sounding word? It's even sillier when you realize it's pronounced "goomi-anka." Gummianka, du är den enda! Du gör badet mycket roligt! heeeee

Today, I am going back to Ericsson to make sure my ex-boss is satisfied that there is absolutely NOTHING LEFT FOR ME TO DO THERE. *rolls eyes* This is why I have the time to sit and blog in the morning today. I didn't sleep in, opting to drop the kids off at school/daycare and return home for a couple of hours before heading out. Other things that must be done today include swinging by the grocery store, buying a birthday present for a little girl, picking up the AWC directories, going to the post office to mail my absentee ballot after buying a very explicitly instructed C6 envelope to put it in, and mailing my ATCs* for the crafty_chicas swap.

I'm quite happy with the way my ATCs turned out even though it took me forever to figure out what I wanted to do for the theme "What I See in the Mirror." I actually made 5 even though only 4 were needed, so I got to keep one, although I might give it away later. I'll post a photo after the swap is over since I want them to be a surprise for the participants.

Really Good Writing Out There Right Now: Cars & Kismet

Go Buy This Book Right Now, You Won't Regret It: The World According to Chuck by Chuck Sigars


*No, I'm not in Swedish class anymore, it was for the AWC website.
**Artist Trading Cards, for those of you who might wonder what the hell I'm talking about.


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