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Proudly presenting the winner of last night's Flyinge School Autumn Disco 2004 Best Hairstyle Contest!

Martin: I think I have too many friends.
Liz: Well, I don't think that's really possible...having too many. The more, the merrier.
Martin: I do, though.
Liz: What do you mean?
Martin: Well, if Ebba wants to play with me, and then Sandra comes and SHE wants to play, and then Tanja comes and SHE wants to play, too, and then maybe Evelina, and then they all get mad because they all want to play with me and there is only ONE of me. Then it's not good.
Liz: I see your point.

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whoa! what a charmer!!!

Hehehehe So cute!

popular with the ladies ehh? i can see why, he's such a cutie!!

Well he is just sooooo cute. I can see why he has so many "friends" - aren't those all GIRL names!!!!!?

ALL his friends are girls :) Martin doesn't particularly care for playing with boys. :/

I had the same thing as a kid. I mostly had boys as friends heh, apart from one or two girl friends. I guess the fact that I grew up in a small town and my class at elementary school at that time had only 9 kids in it, 3 girls and rest boys heh. =)

9 kids! wow, that is small. My daughter is the one who plays with boys. My kids were born in the wrong bodies :)

He's so ugly the girls probably feel sorry for him...

God he's cute isn't he :) Love the hair do, cool mum for letting him wear that :)

Heh, what a style!

Great hair! LL informed on the bus (yes on the day of the crazies) that the next party we go to, he wants "vass hår". So it will come as no surprise that he loved this picture of your little cutie as much as I did. *grin*

He, he, it's a hard life being so populare. :)
He's so cute.

I love that profile! What a diplomatic sweetie.

He's such a cutie. No wonder all the girls want to play with him. :)

What a stunningly beautiful boy! Absolutely no wonder all the girls want to be the only one playing with him. Watch out!

he's so cute...ladies man!

Beating them off at his tender age? Is it that Swedish girls are forward, or is he super charming? Soon you'll need to employ a bodyguard for him (or he could send in Karin to break it up).

Very cute photos.

very cool. :) he's a chramer!

The hair is great.
If he was in US he would be a player! LOL

there is only ONE of me

Ah, the poignancy of the social butterfly's life! :)

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