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The stuff people put other people through makes me so mad. Selfishness is the root of all evil. I have a few too many friends who are wounded by selfishness right now, and I just want to say to the people who are doing the hurting: HELLO! STOP IT! YOU'RE HURTING SOMEONE! And then I want to slap them, but good.

Read the Part About Mary Oliver, It's Great: The Silence of the Daisies

Someone Doing Something to Stop the Selfishness! Immigration Thoughts
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Could you deal with another mouth to feed for Thanksgiving?

Of course :) It's okay with my Anders, too. It might be tight with sleeping arrangements, though, since I'll have Marie & L-G, and my brother and Simone. There won't be a lot of privacy. Will Sophie play nicely with Lambi?

P.S. I want to be blasted thankful with you and ozswede and tallefjant. (I have pecans, lots and lots and lots of pecans).

To throw at passing men, or is that a thanksgiving tradition? Can I come Liz?

I thought everybody knew you HAVE to have pecan pies for Thanksgiving and when you can get whole or half shelled pecans here, you are looking at a fortune.

No, I had no idea, we don't have Thanksgiving in Australia so it's just what we see in the movies and normally that's a turkey :)

If I keep saying yes to everyone, I'm going to have to stay in hotel myself! haha! :D The more, the merrier!

As all good hostesses should... :P

I'm not a pecan fan, but I bet there are lots of other people there who would LOVE a pecan pie :)

Liz, I couldn't agree more with you. I do a very good SLAP, so bring me along with you. I rather fancy myself as the "Fist of Retribution".

I've seen that article posted with a discussion on the Thorn Tree message board (part of Lonely Planet). Thankyou for the link to that blog. What a great post and how good to see that someone is making a very personal grassroots stand against injustice.

Look, if Thanksgiving is getting too crowded, we can simply not come. The last thing I want to do is put you and Anders unser pressure and I think that Carolyn deserves a place before us. I can email you about it anyway.

Don't be silly!

It's not a problem, and we aren't too crowded. I emailed you :)


o moose. should you ever find yourself running short on the moose bits, let me assure you Canada is a veritable forest o' moose. I always kinda wished I collected something specific... a kind of animal. I used to babysit for a woman who came from a family of ten kids. At birth, they were each assigned an animal and each developed a lifelong collection. Her animal was a bunny. she had bunnies of every shape and size, but none of those kitchy country ones... they were mostly little works of art, rustic carvings and pottery, cast iron and jst kindof amazing. She had a whole wall outfitted with shadow boxes and shelves, lined with her collectionand I thought it was amazing. On anoter note entirely... I just love your children's faces!! So clean and scrubbed and rosy cheeked... they look so darling and innocent... but then there's that sly twinkle and those mischevious grins that bely the little devils that reside within. You can tell instantly that they're just bursting with life and personality! xoxoxox Wee

"assigned an animal at birth..." I find this kind of scary on the part of the parents, actually. What if she wasn't a bunny kind of person!? What if she really was a MOOSE kind of person!? haaaaa! I hope you are really feeling better. And you are so right about my's all just a facade. :P


bah. That last post was just riddled with errors. I apologize profusely. I'm still feeling spectacularly unwonderful and my brain is cloaked in this persistent dull fog of ick and ache. To paraphrase Winnie the Pooh, I am a bear of very little brain.

what a great link, and what a small but powerful way to make a difference. Wow! Thanksgiving in Sweden sounds like it is going to be wonderful. (And just let me know if you need some pecans. My family has tons of trees and they are always giving them to me. Pecans, that is. Seriously.)

Bummer, I liked the thought of your family giving you TREES much better than the thought of them giving you pecans. :)


I'm so sorry for your distress-- I send you wishes that the day gets better and the good energies come and wrap you up safely away from all the snarky, mean types. Mean people suck. ~bluepoppy

hey! that was MY link!!

Thanks for the plug for my blog entry (Immigration Thoughts). I always click on your recommendations and didn't even realize I was about to open my own page ahead of time - that was a "huh?" moment!

I'm very much looking forward to my Thanksgiving dinner with the mixed bag. I'm even going to make them all say something they're thankful for (which my family always rolled their eyes about).

Re: hey! that was MY link!!

We missed you at the meeting tonight!

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