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My learning curve feels really steep right now, and I'm hoping that when I reach the top I will see a long, smooth, flattened slope in front of me. Until then I keep slogging away. I like the word slogging...I should find more opportunities to insert it into conversation.

Anders is gone all week, this time to Denmark, which at least means that he drove instead of flying. Whenever he travels, I have a silent panic partner that sits in my brain and gibbers at me until he's home safe again. Despite the amount of air travel I have done in my life, or perhaps because of it, I'm fairly terrified of flying. I manage to squash it while I'm in the middle of it, because mid-plane freak-outs are not pretty, but underneath I'm sure that THIS time will be the time my luck runs out.

It's not something I talk about much, mostly for fear of jinxing things. I remember years ago the amount of discussion and press that went on when one of the major international carriers announced it would be showing Die Hard 2, which features a pretty intense plane crash sequence, as its inflight movie. What people were really protesting was the JINX.

I remember when I was pregnant with Martin, I had a Swedish friend that was pregnant as well. She firmly rebuffed all my attempts to steer conversation to the pending births and babies. What I didn't realize then was that by talking about it, I was JINXING things, drawing the attention of potentially bad luck to myself and my child, as well as hers, by talking about it and planning beforehand. Swedes don't do a lot of pre-planning before their children are born, for fear of jinxing things. They're not like Americans...they don't have baby showers, or decorate the nursery or buy a lot of baby-related stuff. It's not at all unusual to see a Swedish father rushing around town the day after his child is born, buying everything from a car seat to a crib.

If you and a friend happen to say the same thing at the same time, do you both call out, "Jinx!" and then count to 10 really quickly and whoever finishes first, says "You owe me a Coke!" ? You do? Me, too! Why do we do that?

I don't really know where I'm going with this post. I suspect that I will never qualify for my own Really Good Writing Out There.

I guess what I'm getting at is that I don't want to talk to much about work and my new job for fear of jinxing things, or getting dooced.


I keep thinking that if I can just get through the end of this month (done with AWC directory! done with choir concerts! done with Halloween party!) I'll be able to relax and enjoy the rest of the year. Who am I kidding? New things come up every second that need to be added to my to-do list. AND ANDERS IS GONE ALL WEEK. ALL. WEEK. ugh. sigh

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I giggled over this subject line. When I was growing up my mom was a Pepsi-aholic and my grandpa was a Coke-aholic. There were many spirited discussions through the years over which was better and we five kids are split 3-2 in favour of Pepsi. *laugh*

Hoping that the week races by so your fellow is home soon. *smile*

I grew up an avowed Coke fiend, and would only drink Pepsi in cruddy, delinquent, idiot-run restaurants that didn't offer Coke. Now? Because of the sugar thing? Pepsi Max rules. I am still sad about it, however.

Your description of flight fright described me to a T - how funny :) I had a very intense two years that included sadly on flight freak outs :) but it has downgraded to just 'not wanting to jinx' and fearing 'this is the one' like you. It's bizarre because I used to never have an issue at all. At least I've improved, now I actually enjoy landings, I just don't like take-offs or bumps and I don't like thinking of my partner away flying around...

Landings are actually the worst for me. That's my total white-knuckle time during the flight. I suspect that much of my growing fear is due to my increased problems with motion (aging sucks).

Problem with know, I used to love the swings. Even as a teenager and in my early 20s, my younger sister and I would go to the playground at night and talk and swing on the swings.

Now Ingrid always wants me to get on the swing next to her if it's empty. 30 seconds on that thing and I think, uh-oh, feel sick, must get off NOW!!!!

I had terrible motion sickness as a kid, I sure hope it isn't coming back as we age.

I usually put my head against the window (always have to have a window seat so I can lean over against something) and sing quietly to myself. The plane is usually making enough noise at that point that no one can hear me.

*laugh* I do the same thing with the singing! I used to love swings and rollercoasters, even though I've also had terrible motion sickness my whole life. It is getting worse again, though, and it's actually quite common as the scillia in your ears ages it loses its resiliency. Total bummer, in my opinion.

Wouldn't it be great to get to the top of that learning curve? I've a few years head start on you and I'm still on that slope, which often feels like it's made of marble.

I can understand your feelings about having Anders away. It's lovely when they are around and everything feels so different when they aren't there. Not just the everyday practical logistical stuff of who picks up the kids etc, but just those quiet moments of being and sharing. Not to mention the heating in bed. Luckily L-G hasn't had to be away from home overnight much, but I feel it when he's away (relief mostly, but don't tell him that..) *joke, joyce*

See, now I want to rush down and take care of you.

I hadn't heard about the jinxing in Sweden. I know that I dare not think about things in case they don't happen, but hadn't really thought about why.

And yes, you do have things to look forward to - a royal visit I believe is on the cards in November :)

weeee!! and I can't wait for that visit! What a crazy week that is going to be! And you know, I'm a little worried about the thought of YOU and my brother comparing notes :D

Me? As if I would do that! *updating notes, now*

Where is that angelic, innocent user icon when I need it?

I don't really know where I'm going with this post. I suspect that I will never qualify for my own Really Good Writing Out There.

Ahh... you see, you're on my PERMANENT 'really good writing out there' list. I love the way you illustrate your points. I love the way you jump from grown-up mommy to stroppy teenager. It's EXACTLY the way my brain works and I reckon that's why I love it so. I love the way you make me look at Autumn through eyes of beauty rather than decay and darkness. I love the way you love your family. :) So, little Miss Liz, thank you for sharing so many of your thoughts with us. :) I appreciate it. Your posts always add something to my day. *big hug*

awww! *blushes* You're too kind. No, you are! No, really! :) I rather like being thought of as a stroppy teenager, even though I feel old since I don't have any idea what "stroppy" means, haaa!

Nah, you do deserve it! Take it like a woman! ;)

stroppy = angry or awkward (or so Collins Pocket Dictionary says) I prefer to think of it as mardy, unreasonable, 'in full force of a tantrum' - that's stroppy! :)

your page is consistently a bright spot in my day.

:) I'm sure getting a swelled head lot of affirmation today! :D

It's a bird..
It's a plane...
it's a big headded lizard!!

Did you know there actually IS a big-headed lizard? Okay, technically it's a Gecko, but still! :D


I know what you mean -just make it to the end of the day/week/month and then we'll be okay and - STOP SENDING ME MORE UPDATES YOU EVIL CLIENTS...and 2 more doctor's appointments for G. came in the mail (?!) yesterday and ... and it goes and it goes and if we stop to think or analyse we'll lose it all....

It's so true, she says, as she adds a dinner date, a hair appointment, and the daughter's soccer practice schedule to the calendar. sigh.

I remember playing the jinx game too :) Hoping Anders gets back to you all real soon :)

Yep, we did that same Jinx-calling-out thing. Except, I think we demanded a cherry coke. I don't think we ever paid up, but that wasn't really the point. :)

that's really interesting about the Swedes and the babies and the jinxing. Have you found any other Swedish superstitions that are (or were) unfamiliar to you? What about American superstitions that were unfamiliar to the Swedes?

There are others, but I can't seem to think of any examples right off the top of my head. I'll see what I can come up with :)

One thing: in Sweden they "hold their thumbs" for good luck (where in the US we always "crossed our fingers."

And there's one that has to do with leaving breadcrumbs on the floor, but maybe that's just my Swedish sweetie being messy and trying to make me think it's traditional.

Hmmmm. I halfway do the jinxing thing, but I remember as a kid, trying not to think of something, and yet not being able to control my imagination, gallumphing away with things. Even now I think of 'worst case scenario' stuff.

Yes, be careful writing about work! ;)

And I'm sorry that Anders is gone (again!)and wish I lived in Sweden, so I could come hang out and tap dance for distraction purposes :)

Anders is gone WAY too much this time of year. I do the worst case scenario thing way too often, myself. Especially when Anders is late coming home from something...which is considerably more often than I would like because he dallies and loses track of time and forgets to call, all of which makes me crazy. :) But I love him anyway.

Wow, thanks for the "Living in Hope" link.
I don't have to search for really good writing out do all the work for me. *sighs with much appreciation*

work, schmork. :D



Oh hang in there!!!!! That sounds like a very tough week with Anders gone-- bring in the take-out pizza! And no laundry--- or, maybe the kids will run the wash for you. ~bluepoppy

ha! I wish :) No pizza for me, but it's an easy dinner week for sure. I just folded a load of laundry, actually, but I like your idea of gettng the kids enslaved involved. :D

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