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Fog blankets were everywhere this morning. The grass glows silver, and the car was shellacked in glitter. The clouds have come down to the ground to roost, they're slumming. Earth's got the vapors.

As I drove up out of the valley, past the upper limit of the fog, I realized what a gorgeous day it's going to be. The sun is already striking long shadows against the backdrop of late autumn, and the trees, which burst into flame only a few days ago have dropped their skirts. There are puddles of color along the roads, on the edges of the woods, under every tree. The color is washing away!

A good thing about my new office building is the 6-8 flights of stairs I have to go up and down 3-4 times a day. At my former place of employment, I had 1 flight twice a day, if that. Feel the burn, baby!

Another good thing about my new office, which while I share it with someone, it is only ONE person, and I have a door...and a window. Out my window I can see a huge expanse of sky, the Active Biotech building, a loading dock, 5 flagpoles with snapping flags when the breeze is blowing, which it does frequently in Skåne, quite a lot of grass, 1 large boulder, 2 sapling oak trees and 6 berry-dotted leafless rowans. I'm not sure you understand how happy I am to be able to see trees from my window at work :)

I've seen a lot of comments in various places by people whom I KNOW are living in the States mentioning that they got their absentee ballots or sent them in. Why do people who LIVE IN AMERICA get to use absentee ballots? Is it because they are too lazy to get their butts down to the voting locale? Too busy? Handicapped? Without driver's licenses? Why? With all the fuss about whether absentee ballots are counted at all, or when, and in what instances, and the additional worry about them getting lost or delayed in the mail, I wouldn't trust my vote to an absentee ballot if I had any other choice.

COVETING! Children's Book Illustrator Snowflakes (thanks for the link, wee!)

A Very, Very Happy Birthday to: pastaqueen!
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