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Fog blankets were everywhere this morning. The grass glows silver, and the car was shellacked in glitter. The clouds have come down to the ground to roost, they're slumming. Earth's got the vapors.

As I drove up out of the valley, past the upper limit of the fog, I realized what a gorgeous day it's going to be. The sun is already striking long shadows against the backdrop of late autumn, and the trees, which burst into flame only a few days ago have dropped their skirts. There are puddles of color along the roads, on the edges of the woods, under every tree. The color is washing away!

A good thing about my new office building is the 6-8 flights of stairs I have to go up and down 3-4 times a day. At my former place of employment, I had 1 flight twice a day, if that. Feel the burn, baby!

Another good thing about my new office, which while I share it with someone, it is only ONE person, and I have a door...and a window. Out my window I can see a huge expanse of sky, the Active Biotech building, a loading dock, 5 flagpoles with snapping flags when the breeze is blowing, which it does frequently in Skåne, quite a lot of grass, 1 large boulder, 2 sapling oak trees and 6 berry-dotted leafless rowans. I'm not sure you understand how happy I am to be able to see trees from my window at work :)

I've seen a lot of comments in various places by people whom I KNOW are living in the States mentioning that they got their absentee ballots or sent them in. Why do people who LIVE IN AMERICA get to use absentee ballots? Is it because they are too lazy to get their butts down to the voting locale? Too busy? Handicapped? Without driver's licenses? Why? With all the fuss about whether absentee ballots are counted at all, or when, and in what instances, and the additional worry about them getting lost or delayed in the mail, I wouldn't trust my vote to an absentee ballot if I had any other choice.

COVETING! Children's Book Illustrator Snowflakes (thanks for the link, wee!)

A Very, Very Happy Birthday to: pastaqueen!
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hmm...i guess i can see why handicapped people or maybe people who live out in nowhere would use one but other people dont have much of an excuse. this does answer my question about why they put prepaid postage on the ones they send out though...although the never mention that if you're overseas you can not just drop it in a box without a stamp. I didnt even mail it as it was. It occured to me that the swedish postal system might be confused by the amount of addresses that ended up being on my ballot envelope so I put the whole thing in a big white envelope and wrote just one address on it, with a genuine swedish stamp of course..haha

I'm doing this with mine too. The envelope is COVERED in text! What's that all about?!

well one thing is for certain...the voting system in the US of A is NOT easy. Too bad they cant make it easy like it is here. Geez it was a piece of cake to vote in Swedish elections but just thinking about voting in the US elections gave me panic attacks. Ahh well, now we've done it so no worries about it for another 4 years.

Yay for a window with a view!

Oh, I love the Graeme Base snowflake. We have a number of his books and they are just lovely. Thanks for the link. *smile*

It's gorgeous, isn't it?! That would definately be the one I'd splash out for if my budget allowed.

What beautiful snowflakes - and several of my favourite illustrators there. Thankyou for posting that.

Do you really walk up all those stairs each day? You'll be super fit after a few weeks of your own personal stairmaster exercise regime. And I'm so pleased that you got a window after the decorating fiasco of the last place (makes you wonder why they went to such trouble if they were closing down).

Enjoy the sunshine. It's pissing down here :(

It's super sunny here, but it's been raining nearly all week so it's about time. Hopefully, it's headed your way. I sure do hope the stairs help a bit, especially since I haven't gotten my walking regime going again yet.

I'm so glad you have a window! :) AND only have to share with one other person! GO YOU! :)

Snowflakes! I love them! Someday they'll ask me to do one.

In my next life maybe.


~hurrah for a room with a view
~and stairs, which I personally would loathe, but sounds like it may be good "walking" for you
~in Oregon we don't have polling places anymore. It's all mail in ballots or drop them off in a drop box that is much like a metal mailbox..located at the courthouse.. outdoors...with video surveillance on it

Hmmm! Daisy and I will be in Florida on the 2nd ... perhaps I should go and vote! I figure that I just might get away with it in FLORIDA! Heh!


liz, awesome writing! I love it when you describe stuff ;)

The stairs sound like just the jump start for your walking routine! And a big hooray for your new view - trees are so important, even if they do shed leaves and make such a big mess! I'm thinking of raking my yard and then jumping into the massive pile of leaves - simply for my own pleasure. ~baby jane

thank you... :) baby jane?

I voted absentee twice while living in the US. Once was when I was living in DC. ALmost everyone who lives in DC votes absentee from wherever they came from because DC is not a state and you can't vote for any representatives to Congress. It burns a lot of people up. No taxation without representation and all that. The other time I was going to be out of town on election day and the only way to vote where I was registered was to do it with an absentee ballot.

Now, if you didn't have one of those reasons, it's hard to imagine why you wouldn't just go to your polling place. I've made it a ritual with Ingrid. I take her in the voting booth with me every year and she gets an "I Voted Today!" sticker, teach them young, that's what I say.

Windows - I sooo understand. Having had two jobs where I worked underground, I now cherish my two windows and the view and breeze which comes from them.


An awful lot of people are disturbed by the new electronic voting machines and the potential for fraud, and assume they have a better shot with an absentee ballot. Me, I like going to the polling place and slapping an "I voted" sticker on my shirt.

At the same time, Washington will go Kerry with or without my vote. Same for Illinois, I would think (if that's your state, as I'm assuming). Sort of wished I lived in Ohio right now. Or Michigan. Or New Mexico.

Aw, thanks :) I'm 24! Half-way through my twenties, eep!

As for absentee ballots, my boss lives in Indianapolis but works in Chicago on Mondays and Tuesdays, so he won't be able to go to his assigned voting place on election day. That's why he has an absentee ballot.

Liz, glad to hear you got an office with a view, it sounds like a good one! :) Only having one co-worker sharing it is also good, in my opinion. This is something that I enjoy about my job, generally.

Working for the local newspaper, training new carriers, I spend a good portion of every worknight outside, which is only miseable on the cold AND rainy days. Warm rain, or just cold weather is no big deal to me, as in the winter, I drive around the city in a van with a good heater (well, 90% of the vans have a good heater...LOL.)

Also, being a trainer, I get to work with only one or maybe two other people each night for a week or two, until they get their route down, and it's off to the next route for me. So, I get to learn many different parts of Kansas City, which has helped in the past, with traffic delays, I know know which side streets to use to avoid them... ;)

As far as the absentee ballots, I have heard on the radio that they do count and give tallies before the general election, as to where the rough percentages are at, and maybe that could sway some minds as to whether Kerry or one of the 3rd party candidates' chances stand. Personally, I don't like Kerry OR Bush, and almost always vote 3rd party... I think the Dems and Reps make too many deals with each other and we need 3 or more political parties, to make them have to compromise more. Just my 2 pence! :) The only time I have voted absentee though is was on deployment in the Navy, a few years or more ago...

Again though, congrats on your new job and office, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy my job.

I actually agree with you on not liking either Kerry or Bush, but in today's political climate I think it's a waste of time to vote 3rd party. Sadly. I didn't know you were in Kansas City, that is such a lovely town. :) At least the parts I've been in, and it was admittedly a long time ago.

Liz, you aren't the only one I know who thinks a 3rd party vote, but in good conscience I can't vote for either GW or JK. I hope that someday in the next few election cycles more people will start voting for who they really want, not voting against someone else, or settling for an option they like less... :)

If you ever happen to swing by KC though, give me a holler, min mor has my email addy :)

A WINDOW, man you are so incredibly lucky. I'm over here just wishing for a cubicle of my own. There is a ballad in that statement just busting to be let out.

What? You don't have stairs in your apartment, or you live in a house? I have to run at least 3 flights to the ground, and either 1 more flight to the laundry room (which is where I'm going tomorrow.) or 3 more to the bus stop.

I don't know about why people vote absentee, other than the fact that some may want to take time to analyse their options before voting? Maybe they don't want to go on election day, or have work schedules that make it hard to vote? I don't know.

I do know that some places have early voting: I've gone to our county courthouse a couple times to vote early, so that way I don't forget to vote. Of course, you know I voted absentee, and you know why. :)

No stairs. We have a ranch-style house. :)

Actually, you're lucky. Sometimes I wish I either lived on the ground floor or had an elevator (especially with kgs of ads to take out.)

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