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I just participated in my first ever ATC swap with members of the crafty_chicas, and they came today in the mail...SO cool. It was interesting and fun to see how others interpreted this theme. Each of mine were slightly different, and I promised I'd show the whole set once they had arrived.

What I See in the Mirror ATC Series
I don't think the gold writing comes across very well in the scan, but they say, Daughter, Sister, Lover, Friend, Mother. I kept the Mother one for myself. :)
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Those look fabulous! Though I'm completely ignorant as to what ATC stands for, it seems like a cool thing to do.

ATC = Artist Trading Card :)

I loved yours. I didn't think to take a picture of mine. They were all the same anyhow, so not very interesting. haha

I thought yours were great! I really liked everyone's different interpretations.

Really classy, Liz. I think my favourite is the daughter one.

thank you :) I had a hard time choosing which one to keep, actually. I liked them all and wanted to keep them all! Thank goodness for scanners :)

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I had some gorgeous watercolor-style multi-colored paper, and then I stamped a floral pattern in gold over it.


OoooOOooooOOoooh! I'd love to get into all that crafty type stuff. I don't have any friends who can drag me into it though locally. *sulk*

Besides the fact I don't have a table or the time atm.... *le sigh* Maybe one day...

Well, you can join us online :) if you want!

Aaahhh... but I think I'd prefer someone to show me how to do these things hands on. It must be more fun in company. Besides, I have NO idea what most of you guys are talking about with this stuff.. or where you get it...

Creativity is the bit I like the best... also it's another of those 'fellowship with other ladies' kinds of things. I'd love to join you guys, but I wouldn't wanna send you a pile of poo... in comparison with your lovelies. (Especially as I don't have ANY stamps or watercolour paper or jewel-y things or sparklies....) :(

I didn't have any either a year ago. Now I have PILES AND PILES. There are tons of places online to shop, and galestorm can recommend some in London as well :) There's probably a stamp/art/paper store in YOUR town, you just don't know it! And there are lots of online resources as well for learning how to do things, and info on where to take classes in your area, etc. etc. etc. :)

Those are amazing, very cool.

Those are really beautiful. I find the making-stuff-I-can-touch-with-my-hands-and-then-look-at arts/crafts pulling me away from my writing lately, myself, but I've never done anything gorgeous like that. The Lover one is SASSY!

:) thanks!

Nifty noodle

Very beautiful! I only recently started making ATCs myself (for a swap on Nervousness) and I am a bit intimidated by all the wonderful ATCs I have seen around on the internet!! I lack the skills&techniques still, and don't have a whole lot of supplies yet either but I am slowly but surely getting there heh. (and my wallet can feel it! Everytime I pass a store where Ithink they have something nice to craft with, I'll go in and spend some money hehe).

Those are the first ones I ever did, too, and I was also a bit intimidated...but it was FUN. I've had to restrain myself terribly from buying everything in sight, especially considering how little time I have to actually sit down and create!

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