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Right in front of me, a brindled hawk perched on a small, winter-stripped sapling, his beak leading his head slowly from side to side. Seconds later he cast himself aloft, only about 6 feet or so, and stopped, as if he'd hit a glass ceiling, hovering in the air, wings bating and talons clenching, ready to stoop. I couldn't see, of course, what it was that had caused his alert attention to spring to readiness for attack, but he was still hovering in the same spot by the time I drove out of sight.

Another blue-sky autumn dawn, but it's clouding up now and the wind is rising. The sun is coming up so late nowadays that even I can see its debut. Last night, the moon at 6:30 p.m. was a bright shiny beacon in a cobalt sky. The man in the moon was smiling, freshly scrubbed, squeaky clean, shining. I didn't know until this morning that there was an eclipse last night...what a bummer, because it was so clear I would have been able to see every degree of change.

Tonight is pumpkin carving night. We have 4 huge pumpkins. When we went into the garage last night to bag up the berries and leaves we collected last month, all 4 of the pumpkins were mostly orange, which was a relief since the last time I peeked in 2 of them had been mostly still green. One pumpkin is slated to become a Bionicle...the Mask of Light (no prizes for guessing whose pumpkin that is), and one will have a happy face and one will have a scary face. I'm not sure what to do with the 4th one...but, since we're taking them with us to the AWC Halloween party, and I have FOUR PUMPKINS TO CARVE, maybe I'll just chop an A W C into it and leave it at that.
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I am SO buying a pumpkin this year! I even have a special knife for pumpkin carving that I brought from the states!

What fun. We are going to do the pumpkin thing tonight as well. We have one but we decided to pick up a second one today so we could have a fun one and scary one. *laugh*

Hmmmm... for some BIZARRE reason, it's not yet occurred to me that I could have MORE than just one pumpkin!!!! *bounce* I'm all excited now. Might have to do a couple at least. One for the corner and one for the porch. Lure those kiddies in! :) Gotta remember to get loadsa candy in too. Although I still am not sure what I'll dress up as. I suppose I'll just wait till the day and decide. I think I'm leaning towards a cat, just so I can play with the make-up again. *bounce*

You should have at least as many pumpkins as there are people in the house (and pets count). >:D

Oooh!!!! THREE?!?!!?? *goes super mad hyper pumpkin-carving crazy excited*

Ah. But the only problem is that jessie_pup HATES the smell of pumpkin. *le sigh* Ah well, I'll send him to his lair with a computer game. *heehee*

really? does he like pumpkin PIE? or roasted pumpkin seeds? or pumpkin soup? or is it just the RAW pumpkin smell he doesn't like?

Not sure, I reckon it's the raw pumpkin smell he doesn't like.

You mean you USE the contents? I just dump it all.

Well, I don't, but that's because I'm a pumpkin novice and I need someone to show me what the hell to do with a real pumpkin before I can dare to actually make something from it. My brother's fiancee makes pumpkin soup and stuff from pumpkins all the time. You don't use the seeds or the stringy stuff, you use the meat of the pumpkin, and peel off the outside.

what an amazing experience!

I wish I hadn't been driving, so I could have stopped dead in my tracks and watched longer.

Hmmm... I guess carving a horrified expression and leaving a cleaver sticking out of its noggin isn't going to fly.

Um, no, Calvin. :P


Last night after eating Homemade Pumpkin soup we carved our pumpkins. 7 in total. 3 people. Simone made the pumpkin soup. Our friend Bettina was a pumpkin carving virgin as Halloween is a new festive thing here in germany. (not a holiday, just another bunch of decorations for people to have) No candy I go buy my own and keep it for myself.

First one of mine was a hack job, as I havent done this in a while. (bachelorhood) Second one was a work of art, and may quite possibly be the best one I have ever carved. and the 3rd was hurry up and lets get it done. Simone did 2, Bettina also did 2. they all turned out great, and we have pumpkin scraps for more soup.

The mask of light? that must be Anders.

no, it's me, actually. :P

yum, pumpkin soup. I still haven't made any, can you believe it!! Take pictures!!! Take pictures!

It's a glorious clear autumn day here, too. I love this sort of crisp, sunny weather.

I've never done pumpkin carving, but it looks like fun. The more I hear about the preparations youb guys with kids make for Halloween, the more fun it sounds. I always thought of Halloween as a cynical commercial thing with the focus on trick-or-treat. I'm learning that it's much more.

Have fun!


more great writing, liz.

maybe that hawk will ride on the back of a whale, across the ocean, and bring me a little bit of autumn. We still haven't turned on the gas! And it's almost November!

can't wait to see all the finished pumpkins!

Ooohhh, pumpkin carving...I haven't done that in ages. I live in an apartment complex with a security system, so we never get any trick-or-treaters. :-(

I should carve one this weekend and put it out on the balcony. It's time to bring in the flower boxes for the winter, anyway.

Friend G just brought me two pumpkins yesterday (and several delicatas, my favorite squash) from her garden. I think I'll carve one.
These holiday times are the things I haven't gotten figured out now that the kids are all gone and grown. They (the holidays) feel a little empty and lonely.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who notices things like hawks. I'm really bad actually because I always see them while I'm driving. There is one that sits on the same lamp post on the on-ramp every other morning. I also get to see bald headed eagles, there are three or four that live in our area.

I can't remember the last time I carved a pumpkin, if they didn't turn into moldy yuckiness I would probably do it, but they do turn into big orange mold balls. That's scary to me.

I'll be caring ours tomorrow night & setting out the Halloween decorations. Have fun tonight.

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