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Yesterday I made it to the toy store at lunch, and was lucky enough to find a superhero costume for Karin. Even though Martin and I have been trying to convince her to be one of the 3 bears with us (too bad Goldilocks will be hiking with his buddies this weekend), she had her heart set on being either a skeleton or a superhero after we got a toystore flyer in the mail showing costumes for Spiderman, Superman, and Batman.

Liz: Well, Martin, I guess we can't be the 3's too bad Daddy won't be there.
Karin: I'm going to be BATMAN! *bounces in her chair*
Martin: We can bring a stuffed bear.
Liz: I know! We can be the TWO bears and...Batman-i-locks!
Liz & Martin: *giggle madly*
Karin: That wasn't funny, mama.

With the help of the kids I carved 3 pumpkins last night, and 1 today. Martin chose to do a semi-scary skull face, which surprised me, and we did a happy face for Anders, and because my arm felt like it was going to fall off I did cop out and chop an A-W-C into the smallest one. The one I did today was for Karin, and it's a masterpiece: The Bionicle Mask of Light!

pumpkin guts

pumpkin heads

3 pumpkins

A Very, Very Happy Birthday to swingtime!
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How cute! Karein is very photogenic. Martin is too but Karin is just a hoot! I love thta she wanted to be a superhero. And I like your pumpkins too!

You are the coolest mom ever

Seriously woman. You are the Mom of Moms. And I'm the old lady who is here to remind you to savor every moment - they're off to college tomorrow!


Re: You are the coolest mom ever

LOL! Not even close to the Mom of Mom's, sadly. I do try, though :)

Your kids are so cute!

thank you, dear :)


Hooray for awesome pumpkins! I am so impressed, because I really suck at carving pumpkins. And your children are just beautiful, especially Miss Batman-i-locks. I think it's cool that they have the exact same nose!
~lady jane

They have the exact same facial features, it's bizarre. It's just the shape of their jaws that is different, and their ears.

They look terrific and it looks like you three had a whale of a time. There seems to be so much more to Halloween than I ever thought.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, actually. Partly, it's the season, as autumn has always been my favorite time of year. Partly it's the thrill of being up late, out in the darkness and the swirling leaves, running through the neighborhood, scaring and being scared. Partly it's the candy, a huge bag to hoard and pick over and trade with siblings. Partly, it's the dressing up, thinking of creative and fun costumes (can't settle for the traditional scary Halloween staples). Partly it's the trappings: the glowing jack-o-lanterns, the scarecrows, the black cats with arched backs, the full moon. :)

Now those are great shots of the kids in action :) I can see why skull face pumpkin was created :) with the dark sides,it turned out awesome. OK Karin clue me in, what is a Bionicle Mask? is it some superhero? Carved our pumpkin tonight too :) I took dark felt pen & added a few cat features :) meow!

It did turn out well, with the dark green sides, didn't it, that skull face? :) That was the only pumpkin that didn't go all the way orange. Bionicles are a Lego thing...they're all the rage among 5-6 year old boys...and Karin. You can find more info at :)


I know I tell you this everytime but your kids are GORGEOUS!!!! What a happy (if fatiguing) activity-- thanks for sharing. ~bluepoppy

What fun! Your kids look sooo much alike! Have fun trick or treating!

Looks like so much fun (and a lot of hard work)!! Love the pumpkin hat photo :)

great pumpkins! i just love those 2 blonde happy ones you carved :)

heh :) thanks!

For Karin

Just some ideas for next year's costumes...

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