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We just spent the majority of the afternoon and evening at the AWC Halloween Party, getting there early to help decorate and set up, enjoying the party, which was a smash success, but total chaos due to the record turnout of over 130 people (!!) and then staying after to clean up and put the restaurant to rights, at which point we noticed that Karin's Bionicle pumpkin, which won a prize in the pumpkin contest, was missing.

Someone swiped my daughter's pumpkin.

I'm so mad my head is steaming.

Who does that?! Who steals a little girl's pumpkin?!


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that makes me very angry, too! Surely someone just mistakenly picked up the wrong pumpkin, right? I'm going to hope for that.

I hope Karin is okay! ;)

~lady jane

Unfortunately, I doubt it. It was a HUGE, very heavy pumpkin. So an adult would have had to carry it out :( Karin cried herself to sleep. I'm still mad 4 hours later.


There is a very special section of the afterlife reserved especially for people who make little girls cry themselves to sleep. That person will be doomed to carry around very heavy pumpkins barefoot on hot coals in a hailstorm with a caffeine headache and a terrible case of gas for all of eternity. I hope that meanwhile the pumpkin comes to life while he/she sleeps and takes on the voice of his/her least favorite cartoon character and annoys him/her into a total migraine that last for at least 2 weeks without ceasing.


with fire ants biting them all over, too!

Oooh, that makes me so mad!! Poor Karin, what can you even say when something like that happens?

huh? why oh why? and that person has to live with themself.
poor Karin.
One year when we still lived in Portland and my children were small, they were so proud of the pumpkins they had each carved. We left them on the porch steps that night, a distance from the street. When we awoke in the morning, the pumpins were smashed in the street.
Who would do such things to someone elses joy?

I just can't relate to that kind of thing. I can't understand why people feel the need to hurt others by such things. :(

Liz, that's really low. And all the more so because my guess is that you would know most of the people at the party. I had someone swipe something from a party I once had. It wasn't valuable in a monetary sense, but still it meant something to me. For a long time afterwards, I felt really angry and remember looking closely at the people who were there and always wondering "I wonder if it was you?"

Poor Karin! After all that hard work. And what a let down after all your general excitement about the whole holiday that I found quite infectious.

I know, I think that was the worse part...the let-down. Instead of being all keyed up and happy that the party was such a success, I went home angry at the entire human race. :( There were a LOT of guests there, who had been invited by various members, so it could very well have been someone that I don't know.


I know how disappointed you must feel. You have made Halloween feel like a really special family time, which was something that I'd never really thought of before. It's been entertaining and educational to watch your frantic and fun preparations unfold. Only to have it end like this!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

Poor Karin ;( What a disappointment & a let down. I just don’t understand ppl. at times … WHY? WHY? would they assume it was something they could take, with out enquiring. Lets just hope that the pumpkin turns into one of those Bionicle Robots at midnight & destroys all earthly belongings with in 6 meters.

!!! someone stole her pumpkin!?! How awful...bunch of savages in that town!!

I know!! Aren't you glad you didn't come to the party now!? *wwwaaaah!* I hope you got to meet Gale at least!

no i didnt get to meet her cuz we ended up running kinda late. linus' brother wasnt ready when we picked him up in gothenburg and we stopped somewhere in halland to have coffee. but we did say we'd make another trip down there sooner than later :)

Here I am catching up and I just can't believe what I am reading! What a terrible thing for someone to do but especially to take something that was so obviously a childs. I hope Karin is feeling better now.

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