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My faith in humanity got a dent in it last night. This morning, sick with a head cold, it's still suffering, but it's numbed somewhat by the Gods of Tylenol. O Tylenol, how I do worship thee! You may be a false god, but you have my devotion.

I'm working on a surprise for all you lovely folks on my friends list. It should be done in a couple of days, although I may wait until the election is over and the results final so that my surprise will receive the attention it deserves. I hope you like it. :) If you're not on my friends list, because you don't have an LJ, now's your chance! (note to Mom, Sarah & John, that includes you)

I'm going to a work event for my former job this evening...everyone who ever worked in the Marketing department of Ericsson Technology Licensing is invited, which is 26 people. Only 1 of them, to my knowledge, is not coming. Should make for an interesting time, assuming I'll be able to hear anything through this fog in my head.

Cracking Me Up: Busted

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I'm working on a surprise for all you lovely folks on my friends list.

I love surprises

You gotta shake your head at the mentality of somebody that equates Down's Syndrome with homosexuality.

I miss cold and flu remedies here in Sweden. I don't care if they don't cure you, only alleviate the symptoms - give 'em to me, baby. When I once showed a pack of Aussie "Codral" to Apoteket to see if they sold something similar, they nearly called the drug squad in because it contained coedine. She advised me to buy 6 oranges and eat one each day instead. wtf?

I think I could run that Ye Olde Hatebag myself. A lot of laughs there, though it makes you wonder about the nutters out there in cyberspace (not to mention those at yesterday's Malmö AWC Halloween party).

I'm still thinking about poor Karin. I hope the person feels really bad about spoiling a little girl's day.

I've been thinking about poor little Karin, too. I will never understand that kind of thing. :(

I'm another who wishes we could get good cold remedies here. Even if they're not cures, what's the harm in getting a little relief when you feel like death warmed over?

I hope you're feeling better soon, Liz!

Thank you, Bev. :) Tylenol makes it possible for me to assume the semblance of alertness, but it's all a fog underneath. :D

Tell us now! Tell us now! We can't wait a few days for the surprise!

muahahahahaha! You're going to love yours!

Oohhh hope you get better! And you've got me intrigued with the surprise!!!


I'm sending hugs out to Karin. I really hope that person has a severe case of indigestion AND a leg cramp AND diarrea.

hope you feel better soon, Mrs. Lizardek. Smoothies and soup and REST are what I prescribe, every single time!

So, what does Sweden have against cold remedies? Please explain this to me!

~lady jane

they have nothing. not. one. thing. If you go the pharmacy and tell them you have a cold, they will advise you to go home and drink a glass of orange juice every day. *rolls eyes*

They have an excedrin-type painkiller and aspirin, and nasty nasty cough medicine but that's it. Oh, and paracetamol (like basic tylenol for kids)

Forgot to say, I don't know exactly what it is the Swedes have against cold remedies, other than a general distrust of drugs, and an unwillingness to take "unnecessary medicine." They seem to think it's a bad thing to "mask the symptoms," whereas I would much rather be functional than feel like hammered shit for a week and not be able to breathe on top of it.

Don't forget to mention that Swedes think it's okay to allow a drugstore monopoly that closes early, but protest about the high beer taxes. *yawn*

You made me laugh out loud while I was reading Busted. I almost fell out of my chair and my co-workers are looking at me strangely.

Surprise? Me loves surprises. :) Me can't wait for surprise, though. Me acting like a 6 year old again. :)

On a more serious note, it sounds cool to meet up with your old work buddies. Sounds like the reunion of 2004. I hope you have fun.

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