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My faith in humanity got a dent in it last night. This morning, sick with a head cold, it's still suffering, but it's numbed somewhat by the Gods of Tylenol. O Tylenol, how I do worship thee! You may be a false god, but you have my devotion.

I'm working on a surprise for all you lovely folks on my friends list. It should be done in a couple of days, although I may wait until the election is over and the results final so that my surprise will receive the attention it deserves. I hope you like it. :) If you're not on my friends list, because you don't have an LJ, now's your chance! (note to Mom, Sarah & John, that includes you)

I'm going to a work event for my former job this evening...everyone who ever worked in the Marketing department of Ericsson Technology Licensing is invited, which is 26 people. Only 1 of them, to my knowledge, is not coming. Should make for an interesting time, assuming I'll be able to hear anything through this fog in my head.

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