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It's not that often that I feel I have nothing to say, as evidenced by the lonely few blank boxes in the calendar view of my journal. Today is one of those days.

Maybe it's the head cold. (snuck)

Maybe it's the weather. (bleah)

Maybe it's the residual malaise I'm feeling from the weekend. (grumble)**

Who knows? Who cares? I feel like I could fill a whole page with rambling babbling nothingness, inserted into which might be a few nuggets of wisdom or humor or feeble attempts at philosophy...a link or two...a cute bon mot uttered by my child.*** How much of an obligation to my readers do I have? How much of an obligation do I feel on any given day? How much of this is brought on by really awesome cold medicine that makes my heart skip beats and my eyelids twitch? Too much, I suspect.

Things I'm Thinking About:
  • I had at least 3 people, ex-colleagues all, tell me last night that they were just waiting for a chance to hire me at their new companies. I'm beyond flattered.
  • Pick up milk and Pepsi Max, and mail that letter to Debbie on the way home.
  • Well, it was nice that it was light out this morning at 7:30 a.m., but it's 3:57 p.m. as I write this and already getting dark. sigh
  • Let me sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
  • I wonder how many days after the election it will take to get the final, non-contestable results.
  • Christmas is only 2 months away. AAAUGH
Cold and Bubbly Birthday Wishes to paprikas!

Updated to Add: A Link! An interesting Link! Electoral Vote Predictor 2004

*Everyone sounds like Miss Othmar today.
**Maybe it's PMS. Shut up.
***But no. Sorry.
mood: blah
music: Ultravox—Love's Great Adventure


Ah, you poor thing. *sends hot chocolate and a maid to put you to bed and mind the children*

And to think I never knew Miss Othmar's name before!

Hope the head gets better, or that you get better head, I don't know which. (Yeah, I got my goodies from Emily's not-Tupperware party today, so I'm in a mood.)

*snort* I think I should have ordered more. >:P

Of course they want you for their new companies - you are a legend, girl! Didn't you know that?

Hope the cold gets better - it's no fun to feel flat when the darkness is conspiring against you as well. It is pitch black here at the moment and it's only 5pm! Sigh, indeed...

And I'd take Gale's suggestion about getting better head...

I thought it was an excellent suggestion myself...

I have to tell you L-G's quote of the day! We have a friend here in Nynäs caleed Anders Ek, would you believe? Anyway, when L-G came home, I asked him if there was anyone at the boat club.

He said Well, I saw Anders Ek getting laid on the wagon as I went past. As soon as I started falling off the couch laughing, he realised what he said. Too late!!!. He tried to then say Well, I saw his boat being hoisted onto the wagon was what I meant to say.

I think I should send L-G to you for a few days of Swenglish therapy. Guaranteed to make you smile.

LOL! Can I just say once again, I can't WAIT to see you guys again! :D

There are Anders Eks everywhere! I think Anders told me once there were 7 of them at Tetra Pak, and there were 3 at Ericsson!

But is there anyone like your Anders Ek?

NOPE! He is truly one of a kind, and he's ALL MINE! :)

Like wise hope you're feeling better real soon ... In the mean time,I'll pay homage to the ... "Goddess of Pain Relief"


Ohhhh I am so sorry you are feeling so awful. Snuggle under the blankets and put on your favorite movie and have the kids and the hubster wait on you hand and foot until you are ready to face the world again. Sending you healing energies . .~bluepoppy

Thank you for the birthday greetings! I've been having a great day :)

Oh, and you are the only person I know that drinks Pepsi Max. I was floored when I read that! ;)

Liz, I hope you get to feeling better soon. Dunno if you can drink alcohol with the medicine your taking... and I don't get sick too often, but sometimes a good sized horn of mead can make one feel better. ;)

I was also curious what this Pepsi Max is, that you speak of... being a rather un-travelled American. who has been living in a cave for 7 years or so, I am curious... Not that I drink soda anymore, haven't since March or so. It's working though, apparently, cause even though I've been stuck at 185 since August, both my friends last night, when I saw them, their first comments were "Wow, your definately losing the weight!" When I hopped on the scale though, it still reads 185 (Stupid scales!), but maybe it's just finding a better place to hang out... maybe the pushups are helping :) The gods know I need some new jeans... my old 36's won't stay up without a belt, and look like they belong on some of the kids around here who wear baggy pants... one more expense :)

Anyways, get better soon and maybe some rest WILL help. :)

I'm glad to hear that it's working not drinking soda, as that is the primary reason I switched from my lifelong addiction to Coke: trying to cut down on the sugar in soda! Pepsi Max is a no-sugar soda, but it is slightly different from Diet Pepsi (which they also have here)...but I don't know what the exact difference is. I DO know that I get headaches and horrible aftertastes when I drink Diet Coke, and Pepsi Max doesn't give me either. I haven't actually tried Diet Pepsi, but it's harder to find than Pepsi Max.

I'm hearing you on that malaise... but that's nice flattery :)

all of this sex toy talk is making me snort and giggle into my morning coffee!

I am also not loving the results of stupid fall back daylight savings time. Don't tell me about that extra hour of sleep, because my dog didn't get the memo, and neither did my annoying alarm clock of a brain.

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