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One thing I learned from my mom a while ago, a bit of healthy eating advice that has stuck with me, is how to tell if you're making vegetables a focal point of your diet. It has to do with whether the way you prepare them destroys their integrity or not. Steamed vegetables retain their integrity. Green peppers on a pizza with extra cheese have had their integrity destroyed. Ketchup is tomatoes without a shred of integrity. Too much butter even on the steamed veggies is the slippery slope into lost integrity. Where am I going with this? Nowhere. I was just reminded of it today because idahoswede was talking about some rather revolting combinations for Thanksgiving jello molds. As gale_storm rightly protested, peaches and pecans and celery together in jello molds is just wrong. So is coconut and anything in jello. ew. The integrity, is, like, SO destroyed, dude.

I'm ready with my surprise but I'm afraid that if I reveal it now no one will notice because you are all glued to CNN or Fox News or whatever online outlet you are marking time in front of waiting for polls to close and vote counts to start rolling in. Personally, I suspect that we won't know before tomorrow night AT THE EARLIEST. The polls in Alaska don't even close until 1 A.M. Hawaii's don't close until 11 p.m.

I don't know if I should wait a week or go ahead now. Are you drooling with anticipation or am I barely rating a yawn? Plus, I'm running the risk of hyping up this surprise well past the attention it actually merits. Hmmm...dilemmas, dilemmas.

Anders just offered to make popcorn. :)

Phrases I hate: ramping up, balls to the wall, shove it.


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