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Okay, I can't wait any more either! I hope you like it!

The Big Surprise for my LJ Friends!
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Oooooh AWESOME!!!! You totally rock. The scrolling over thing didn't work on my browser at work (Netscape 7.0), but I counted my "place" in alphabetica order to find mine. I can't wait to get home and check out all the rest of them! (Presumably the scrolling will work better there.)

These user icons are beautiful. :)

:) I'm glad you like it! Be careful of checking against the friends list on my profile page, because there are a few LJs that I didn't make icons for...mostly if they were someone's 2nd journal. So your count might be off. :)

Which one is MINE??

Kidding - I've used it already - check your friends page - thank you!!!! (you have too much spare time! or have been particularly bored or obsessed)

obsessed would be the right word. :P

Woo-hooooo, I LOVE mine! Now all I need to do is get damned Photobuckets to stop screwing around and take my money so I can upload this and use it!

I worked HARD on yours! Sizing that pelar leaf so it would fit just right for her ruff. :) I'm so glad you like it!

Wow! That is the sweetest thing...Awesome! Stunning! I'll definitely be using mine. Thanks ever so much.

You're very welcome! I'm glad you like it :D

How cool, Liz! You rock! :)

(Carolyn, you can just save it on your hard drive and upload it to LJ from there.)

:D It was fun!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

You're very welcome! You wouldn't believe how many puppy and kitty images I looked through, trying to find the perfect ones for your household! :D

Liz, they are outstanding! Now I wonder why you chose that particular one for me???


*Thinking it sould have been something warm, fluffy and cute*

I loved the ones you chose for people I know. For example, I guessed totte tallefjant idahoswede carrieb paprikas nyckelpigan and courtesy straight off.

You are a genius, girl. Now I need a paid account as I can't give up my snow cone or flying pigs....

warm and fluffy and cute... hmmm... cute, maybe. warm, definitely. Fluffy? hahahahahah!


I loved the idea of "running with scissors" for you. It's a joke report-card thing in America said about children who, er, have their own ideas about things. And I perceive you as a person who cuts to the heart of things, through the BS as it were, and who can be sharp and pointed and even dangerous when necessary. There, now isn't that better than cute and fluffy?!

Ooooh! I love mine! You are so cool! I want to know the meaning behind the image. Tell! Tell! This is soooooooooo the uplifting thing I needed at the end of this day!!

I'm SO glad you like it! You were a hard one, because you don't have any interests listed and you're a fairly new "friend." I chose it because you were talking the other day about needing cheer and light in your life and how you were dreading the dark winter. I hope I captured that. :)

How wonderful!!! You are amazing. They are all so beautiful! I love mine. Easy to pick out :)

I had a lot of fun putting yours together :)

*BOUNCE* CUTE!!!!! It's purrrrrfect! :) Thank you so so so so much. :) You're a sneaky lil thing, aren't you?!?! *tickle*

I love jessie_pup's too!

:) Hee! I'm glad you like it. 80 million cat photos but THIS one was the one that said purrthecat to me :D

How very, very cool! That is really awesome, Liz. I love it!

:) Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Oh! You are so sweet! Thank you thank you thank you! I want to know the meaning behind mine, too, please!

Yours was a bit of a hard one, actually. I wanted to convey a bit of recklessness, and unconventionality. :)

Wow, that pasta is down right erotic :) This is the best surprise. Thanks!

You're welcome! :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

They are mostly the same except a couple of them are GIF instead of JPG. :) I chose your image because I wanted to show someone who takes pleasure in natural things, in the simple things, and in beauty...someone who takes time to stop and smell the flowers, so to speak.

Awww, Liz, that's so sweet! What a great idea. :) I have no idea if there's a significance to mine that I'm not seeing, but it's cute, anyway. :) I love it.

P.S. Helpful hint for everyone else: if you copy the full address to the image to your clipboard, then you can just paste that address into the From URL: box on the upload picture page. That will copy the image directly from that address to the LiveJournal site, so you won't be using Liz's bandwidth or anything, either. Extremely quick, no-fuss way to do it. You can get that info by right-clicking on the image and choosing Properties if you use IE, then select the full address and right-click again to choose Copy. (Liz, I would have posted an address for people to copy and replace with their username instead of going into all this detail, but I wasn't entirely sure they would all be the same.. you can if you want.) Just an idea, hope it helps someone. :)

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