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Okay, I can't wait any more either! I hope you like it!

The Big Surprise for my LJ Friends!
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I left this earlier and it went into the ether apparently :p

Thank you SO MUCH! This totally made my day :)

(can't stop grinning :)

LOL :) I'm so glad!

I love it. :)
Thank you!

You're welcome :) I'm so glad you like it!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I hope you like it. :) I originally went looking for fairies, and then thought, no, that's too easy. I love this photo of the little girl, because I see you as someone who has retained a sense of childlike wonder, someone who is looking for something, who is wondering what will happen next. :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

You're welcome :) Yours was a little hard, but I was looking for an image of someone who is a bit mysterious, introspective, who presents a bit of a mask to the world, but at the same time is very nurturing...not sure I'm making sense here trying to describe it.

I just had to pop on over here. You're very talented and funny and it's obvious you are special to your friends. Best wishes

wow! thank you so much, that was really kind of you :)

I love it! Wow! You're so generously cool! Thank-you! Yes, I'm overusing exclamation points!! because this is so exclamatory!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad you like it! :)

You are such a thoughtful bunny. This was such a sweet thing to do, & my icon cracks me up :)

It cracked me up, too. I couldn't resist it, it just had "crimsonkitty" written all over it. :)

This is so cool! Thank you!

You're welcome! Yours was a lot harder than I was expecting. :) I finally found one that I liked!

OH MY WORD! what a huge job!



thank you, dear :) I'm glad you like it!

Okay, so I'm at work and I can't download my icon yet but I lovelovelove it! You have hereby raised the standard on online gifts! You really have a way with reading people. I think my icon is a portrait of my inner child...

By the way, I still need your mailing address!

Hee! I think so, too :) I'm so glad you like it! I laughed out loud when I found it and knew it was the right one! :D

THANK YOU! What a lovely treat to come home to, this evening! You absolutely nailed me, too. ;-)

(And ohmyyes, this icon is going right into rotation on my LJ... ::grin::)

:) I'm so glad! I've been really enjoying your icon posts (part of the reason I added you, as you keep choosing images that I love). I knew when I saw it that it was right. :)

Thank you so much, you are so sweet! *hugs* What a coincidence too, I've seen three bunnies over the past week. You're psychic, I knew it.

Hee! Don't let my mom hear that! She'll say "I told you so" and I'll never hear the end of it. :)

Thank you thank you thank you! What a tough time you must have had, picking and illustrating something salient about each person! :) You did GREAT on mine. :) I'm gonna use it. :)

I'm glad you like it! I knew when I saw it that it was just right. :)

You rock! I am so excited! Another moose icon from a friend! I never met a moose I didn't like! Thanks very much!

Hee! You're welcome! As one moose lover to another, I know you can never get tired of them! :)

Oh, Liz! Thank you so much! You have OUTDONE yourself. I love my blue lady.

What I just did was right click and save on my icon. Will that totally eat up your bandwidth? Please let me know!

:) I'm so glad you like it! No, that doesn't eat my bandwidth! If you saved it to your computer, you can upload it to LJ if you want to use it. :)

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