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Okay, I can't wait any more either! I hope you like it!

The Big Surprise for my LJ Friends!
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aww...that's so great! Thank you so much! I'm a bit confused over my icon though, so I have to ask you about the theme? :)

mostly it was a play on your username...yours was a bit hard because you're a fairly new "friend," so I wanted to go with the name blanche, and found a photo of a "white" woman that I liked. :)

so cool!!! you're awesome!! I have no idea how you came up with mine so you'll have to clue me in :)

:) I had a hard time at first with your...then I saw that photo and realized I wanted to convey someone who was strong, stark, who looks both outward and inward, a strong sense of black and white. :)

aw, i like the one you made for erin - very fitting :)

I wish she was posting more :) Thank you!

how'd ya do it? I mean, what was your basis of inspiration for the overall project, and mostly how'd you choose the individual icons, so fitting? It's obvious that it wasn't random.
Nice Job gggggrrrrrllll. wado

It was fun...I don't know why I thought about it, I just wanted to do something nice for everyone after all the support I get from this community. I looked for images that reflected either the person's username or personality as I see it, mostly, and in some cases tried to be funny :) I really liked the image I chose for you, I thought it showed someone who spoke to the heart, who was colorful, who held others in the palm of her hand :)

And it still counts as an election distraction the next morning!

Wow! Vad kul! Thank you!!

You're welcome! I hope you like it! I had a completely different one for you for the longest time, but then I thought of this, and I just couldn't resist once I found the right image. :)

Tack. :)
That was a nice thing of you to do.

You're welcome :)

Oh Liz : )I’m just speechless. Thank you so very much :)

Contrary, with the belief that the "low man on the totem pole" has the lowest status. In fact being at the bottom has the highest status.
So place all those icons on top of your head & hold them high. What you have carved is a legend, a saga, ... a story of peoples life’s … they are all just perfect.

wow, thank YOU! that was a lovely thing to say and a neat image for me to have in my head. I'm glad you like it!

Oh oh oh oh *jumping with excitement* that is SOOOO sweet of you!! I love it!! I was bored with mine and wanted something different for a while, this is perfect, thank you!! *big hug*

Hurrray! I knew it was you as soon as I saw it! So full of energy and life and impulsiveness!

Imaginative and thoughtful! I had to congratulate you as we have a "mutual friend" who was delighted with her icon. Well done to you!

goodness! thank you very much :) That was really kind of you.

What a wonderful surprise and thoughtful gift. You are a treasure! I love this icon, it is cute and captures a different mood than my usual one. Thank you so much!

You are so welcome! I'm glad you like it and thrilled by the response to my surprise!

Fantastic! All so very good indeed, a brilliant idea! I love the one you did for me. I am away for a couple of days but when I get back I'll be using it. It's a striking resemblance too, especially the hat. :)

I liked the hat. I couldn't find one with cuffs, and thought the Flying Nun ones would be a little much :P

Wow this is soooo cool!! :) I bet they all love your icons. Now I wish I wason your friendslist as well *smiles* hehe. Very neat, just wanted to say!

:) thank you! I never realized this might be a good way to get new friends! :D

what a lovely idea! and i know where you got mine from - my painting! you really are a very clever girl, thank you :)

You know what's really weird?! I picked this icon image BEFORE I saw your usericon with the painting that is so similar!

AWESOME idea and great job!

I better get my butt back out on the trails after seeing my icon. If I am gonna be a runner, I gotta be running!

hee! Yours was one of my easier ones :) I knew exactly what kind of image I wanted!

Wow!! What a nice gesture! I couldn't wait to find out what icon you would make for me. When I saw it, I got the biggest smile on my face. I love it!! I love all of them, but mine the best!! hehe

It such a good way to get to know the other people on your friends list. I don't know how many times I have seen a post on this subject and gone back to see what kind of icon you made for them. You're good!!

Thank you so much!

thank you! I went and found the official Coca-Cola font to use to make yours with :)

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