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Okay, I can't wait any more either! I hope you like it!

The Big Surprise for my LJ Friends!
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Liz, they are outstanding! Now I wonder why you chose that particular one for me???


*Thinking it sould have been something warm, fluffy and cute*

I loved the ones you chose for people I know. For example, I guessed totte tallefjant idahoswede carrieb paprikas nyckelpigan and courtesy straight off.

You are a genius, girl. Now I need a paid account as I can't give up my snow cone or flying pigs....

warm and fluffy and cute... hmmm... cute, maybe. warm, definitely. Fluffy? hahahahahah!


I loved the idea of "running with scissors" for you. It's a joke report-card thing in America said about children who, er, have their own ideas about things. And I perceive you as a person who cuts to the heart of things, through the BS as it were, and who can be sharp and pointed and even dangerous when necessary. There, now isn't that better than cute and fluffy?!

Strangely enough, while I didn't guess many others, I knew this was for ozswede. Running with scissors really does fit. *smile*

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