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Okay, I can't wait any more either! I hope you like it!

The Big Surprise for my LJ Friends!
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Awww, Liz, that's so sweet! What a great idea. :) I have no idea if there's a significance to mine that I'm not seeing, but it's cute, anyway. :) I love it.

P.S. Helpful hint for everyone else: if you copy the full address to the image to your clipboard, then you can just paste that address into the From URL: box on the upload picture page. That will copy the image directly from that address to the LiveJournal site, so you won't be using Liz's bandwidth or anything, either. Extremely quick, no-fuss way to do it. You can get that info by right-clicking on the image and choosing Properties if you use IE, then select the full address and right-click again to choose Copy. (Liz, I would have posted an address for people to copy and replace with their username instead of going into all this detail, but I wasn't entirely sure they would all be the same.. you can if you want.) Just an idea, hope it helps someone. :)

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