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My children went to the library with their father this evening, and brought home 5 books. 2 were about monsters and wild things. 3 were about little girls, alphabets and why there are so few Q's in the Swedish language. I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader as to which child was responsible for which choice. :D

There is a certain flutter to the stomach when one is preparing a gift for someone else. It's the same with any gift-giving, really, whether it is handmade or store-bought. If you know the person you are giving to, and think about THEM and not yourself during the choice process, then hopefully your gift will reflect the qualities you like best about that person. At the same time, what you are really doing is giving a gift to yourself. Making other people happy is a selfish thing to do. That may sound strange, but I firmly believe that selfishness can be a good thing. The best way for me to treat myself right is for me to treat others right. By making you feel good, I make myself feel good, and what can be more selfish than that?

I'm thrilled by the response to the icons I made for my LJ friends, more than any of you can imagine. I knew or at least suspected that most of you would be pleased, and it was a fun and pleasing exercise for ME, a project that I enjoyed very much. I'm flattered to have made some new friends from it. And I got a cool new icon out of it, too, thanks to purrthecat! :)

If there is anyone out there who didn't appreciate their icon and is wondering why the hell I chose the image I did, I hope you will ask. There is a link to the page from my user info now, in case someone needs to reference it. :)

Work is ramping up getting busier by the second. Sometimes when you're out splashing around in the water and you take a step and suddenly there is nothing but water under your feet and your eyes are aching from the pop of surprise and the filaments of hair on the back of your neck would be standing straight up in shock if they weren't lying wet and plastered against your neck. That's kind of what it feels like except I'm not in a bathing suit* and I'm sort of enjoying it. That kind of adrenaline rush is one I can handle. I'm a wimp, I admit. No bungee-jumping for me. I would like to throttle the small voice inside that says, "What if you can't handle the pressure? What if they find out you're NOT AS CAPABLE as everyone keeps saying." Shut up, little voice. You suck. I can do anything. Hear me roar!

I can always go into the full-time icon-making business anyway, eller hur?

My Philosophy For Today: What goes around comes around.

*Darn tootin'. This body will never see a bathing suit again.
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Oh neat! You made me one too!
Love it:-)

Of course I did! I had a lot of fun with this project. :) I'm glad you like yours, it was a good one, I thought!

Oh wow. Thank you so much! Why exactly did you choose that one?

:) I had a harder times with yours since you're such a new "friend." But I liked the attitude that the image conveyed: brash, a bit out there, daring and unconventional.

Thanks Honey.

:) I'm glad you liked it. It was a fun project to work on. Next up: poetry editing!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

It made me laugh. :) The moustache and hat reminded me of you. I liked the idea that you see things through a slightly skewed view, and that you are a searcher. Hope that makes sense.

Of course, it should have been the pimp hat :)

Thank you!

I do like mine, but I'm still curious as to why you chose it?

Thanks for making them. I like mine (I'll start to use it, soon), but I have an observation. The figure in mine is a lot bigger than I am. :)

Hee! yes, well, I suppose I could airbrush it slim or something. I'm so glad you like it. It was a lot of fun trying to find images for everyone. I liked the idea of you looking down over the city, for some reason.

Ahh, that's a city? I thought at first that it was a lake, or some other body of water. If you're going to be airbrushing me thinner, maybe you should put a tall building in there, too.

Well, it WAS a city, in the original, but when it's reduced to such a small size, it kind of looks like a lake of gold :)

"By making you feel good, I make myself feel good"
I'm still impressed. Very.

*Darn tootin'. This body will never see a bathing suit again.

But you're in Sweden now! Bodies don't count, don't you know? Any body should be proud to hang (and I do mean HANG) out anywhere it wants to.

nope. uh-uh, no way. :P

Another big thank you for being so sweet :)

This body will never see a bathing suit again.

So, only nekkid swimming for you, then?

if it's dark. and I'm alone. maybe.


Don't worry about the little voice-- it's a new job and EVERYONE feels that way when they start a new job --- you are doing great and you will be great.

And, the icons you made are too wonderful-- your LJ friends must be wild! ~bluepoppy

Thanks for your encouragement :) And I was overwhelmed by the positive response to the icons! :) :)

Your still very new at your job, I have ultimate confidence in your abilities! Hey, where's my icon *whine*

It's there! didn't you see it? 6th row down, 3rd from left. :)

Lol, that is the one I was coveting! How did you come up with that one for me?

It just spoke to me! :) I knew it was yours the second I saw it!

I would like to throttle the small voice inside that says, "What if you can't handle the pressure? What if they find out you're NOT AS CAPABLE as everyone keeps saying."

Ah, the new-job voice. I'm familiar with that too. :P It hushes up a bit, after a while.

It'd better, darn it!

I've been offline for a while and am catching up on old posts- your icon was such a nice surprise. Thanks so much- it was very generous of you to do this!

You're so welcome! It was a lot of fun :)

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