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Hibernation sounds like a good idea right about now. The darkness presses close, co-dependent and deadening. Fog winds down and trails about. Everything is dark with wetness, sodden and decomposing. Bare branches leave a tracery against the sky; blink and you see white lightning looming. Everyone is a little grumpy, but when the sun shines, you can feel the electric frenetic fever of desperation hum through everyone you meet.

It's not cold here, not yet, but the moisture in the air is a deep thing. It gets in your bones and your lungs. It makes you cough, sometimes. I think the greyness is the worst, it's as if you'll never see colors again. Totally colorblind instead of just having trouble with the traffic lights. Living life in black and white, grayscaled pixelation.

The thing is, I'm not depressed exactly. I'm just tired. My pelt weighs me down and my movements are slow, each paw firmly pressed as it touches the ground, reluctant to move, reluctant to wake.

Autumn is not the best time to start a new job, when the sun is swinging its wide way closer to the ever-reclining earth. The need to be alert and learning is unbalanced by the need to lie down and stare slowly round the room thinking about things that, might, someday, need to get done.

Yeah, What She Said: Back to Math Class

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Sending you a big hug. I agree that hibernation sounds great when you look out the window at the moment. I think November is my least favourite month here in Sweden :(

I enjoy my own company so I don't really get sad. When I feel myself hibernating I make myself get out a bit
more socially. The summer is busy and I don't get choices as there are often many obligations, so in the winter I like to crash big time and huddle with my family.

Social, schmocial. :P I'm not sad, honestly. I just feel FULL UP, if that makes any sense.

if that makes any sense.

err... does anything you say make sense

*ducks the flying cushions*

No, I do understand what you mean. I suffered from that feeling for several years, though I didn't recognise it at the time. I likened my life to a jar of jelly. It was completely full and I felt like if I added even one tiny thing more, it was all going to overflow everywhere.

Little steps (like learning to say No occasionally) help out, but only you can know your own limits. You don't have to be everything to everyone to be loved and accepted. I mean, just pay me a regular 500SEK a week and I'll love you no matter what you do :)

500? You're cheap. :P

I said no today. In fact, I said it yesterday to someone else. And today I said it to the whole AWC. I sent out an email letting everyone know that I'm stepping down as editor after this year and looking for a replacement(s) now. Baby steps :)

Err... Liz, I think the record's stuck, the record's stuck, the record's stuck, the record's stuck, the record's stuck, the record's stuck, the record's stuck, the record's stuck, the record's stuck, the record's stuck, the record's stuck, the record's stuck, the record's stuck, the record's stuck....

Sorry, damned LJ *grumble*

Yep, very deeply divided. Can't we abolish FOX news? Can we do something obnoxious to Rupert Murdoch when he least expects it?

Hibernation does sound great about now. I can only imagine how it feels in Sweden. Winter is one thing I am not looking forward to. How do you deal??!

I don't suppose people who are colorblind find the gray skies depressing. I would love to be colorblind for one day just to see what it's like. One day!

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