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The deadline for the next issue of Mosaic Minds is rapidly, I say RAPIDLY, approaching! The theme is Serenity, but your submissions do not necessarily have to reflect the theme. So, if you have something you've written that you think is publishable, whether or not it relates to the theme, send it in! I know you people write, I've seen you! Here's where to send it:
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I know you people write, I've seen you!

and you're PROLIFIC, too! :D

Does it have to be poetry? The e-mail address makes me go, Aerrrr? :)

nope, it's just because I'm the poetry editor. We accept submissions for feature articles, prose, travel, science, health, poetry, etc. You can check out the general submission guidelines on the webpage :)

Yikes, that snuck up. I have something I wrote but I think it needs work. I will have to look at it. It's cool you have an email for that stuff, maybe I'll send it there to avoid any embarassment. :)

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