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Do you sometimes feel that if you stopped taking care of some of your extra responsibilities, the world would grind to a halt? That's how I feel today. It's a shame because the sun is shining and it's warm and I really shouldn't be in a bad mood. It's the club. It makes me crazy regularly, and I shouldn't complain about it, but I can't help it. :( We have 112 members and it's the same 10 people at every event, and I honestly feel some days that if I stopped holding up my end of it, the entire club would collapse. Call me egotistical if you like, but it's true. Some days I feel I should just run the whole thing myself, some days I feel like I DO run the whole thing myself, and other days I just want to wash my hands of the whole thing. Our President called me today and doesn't feel up to running again. The elections are in 2 weeks, and I doubt we'll be able to find a replacement. I totally understand and sympathize with her reasons, but aaaagh !!


Sharon just emailed me and said she's planning to go to the regional. I don't feel so alone suddenly :)


Okay, I'll be cheerful again now. I've decided that we're in the middle of Viking Summer. Because there weren't any Indians here, so it feels stupid to call it Indian Summer. Karin is at a birthday party for another hour and then Anders is taking the kids to his parents' house for the evening (depending on if they are home). I have tons of stuff to do: the AWC website update, the AWC directory, the AWC annual presentation, work on my collage book, and clean this giant filthy house. (in that order of priority)

Anders is nearly done with the paving outside and it looks so great!! He finished the half circle of stones at the end of the little "alley" that runs between the side of the house and the garage last night. He has 2 little bits of paving to do, another half circle, slice off the uneven edges everywhere, and then lay the big stones around the edge of the house. After all that we can sow grass! :) Keep your fingers crossed that the weather doesn't turn before then.
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hehe, I've always felt you were a central driving force behind the AWC and wondered how you didn't become totally exhausted. But its damn impressive.

*snort* thanks :) I go through this a couple of times every year, when I damn the whole thing to hell and Anders just gives me that look argh

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