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I got to sleep in.

The sun has been shining most of the day.

The kid's department has been picked up, organized and vacuumed with a minimum of fuss.

My to do list is too long and my brain is blank.

I stole the M&M's out of Karin's Halloween candy bag and ate them.

Someone else is fixing dinner for us tonight.

Pretty good, all things considered.
mood: procrastinating
music: John Hiatt—Blue Telescope



I stole m&ms out of my daughter's bag and ate them too!! And while I was doing it I felt a bit bad, but then I decided that everyone does it and it is part of the tradition.

I didn't feel bad at all. She doesn't like chocolate :)


I adore John Hiatt--- and I don't know Blue Telescope--- MUST go locate it immediatley. ~bluepoppy

I love him, too. He's so wonderfully growly and swingy.

Well, she'll never miss them, right? As I recall, she doesn't like chocolate. So you're in the clear! Te absolvo. :)

That was my rationalization, too. >:D

oh what I'd give for M&Ms that I could eat safely :(
oh well, there's butterscotch, and other lovely chocolate :-)

mmmm...butterscotch! why can't you eat M&M's? Is it because you're vegan? That, right there, would be enough to stop my commitment in its tracks. :D

yup, cause I'm vegan, but beyond the commitment dairy makes me ill as well. Don't worry, I've found such very good dairy free chocolate, they're just not m&ms or snickers

What a coinkidink. I stole some a few M&Ms from my niece and nephew last night. >:) Well, I didn't know the candy was theirs until the came back over to the house and plopped down to watch Shrek 2. (They were "Shrek-colored" M&Ms to be eaten while watching the movie.) At least I only took a small handful!

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