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Every year for the past five years, we've gone with the AWC to the pumpkin field in Svalöv and picked our Halloween pumpkins, and bought gourds and sweet corn and had a fun picnic. It's scheduled for tomorrow, but Anders just told me that it's the kids first day for Mulle, the preschool Scout group they belong to, and which Anders is a leader for, which means I'm going by myself, without the kids...which is most of the fun.

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I love Halloween...
Wish I had enough guts to start up an AWC in Dalarna but it seems like so much work...

It is LOTS of work, but it can be, and usually is, so worth it. :) We have a member (non-resident, obviously) in Falun, by the way. She used to coordinate our book group, and she and her husband both work at the college there. (högskola) That's near you, isn't it?

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they last if you don't cut them until about a week before, and store them in a not-too-cold, not-too-warm place. We have a big AWC halloween party every year too, although this year it has to be on November 1st cuz the place was taken the week before. Last year we were the 3 billy goats gruff and the troll under the bridge :) I have no idea what to be this year.

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