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I'm a couch potato-y slacking sack of laziness.

I got nothing for ya today.

No thing.

Well, if I keep stringing words together here, I miiiiiiiiiiiiiight end up with an entry worth posting. It remains to be seen. At the remains of the day. All that is left of the day that remains. Which isn't much as it's 9:18 p.m. already and I WAS going to make every minute count.

The laundry is done in the washing machine but I have not put it in the dryer, nor do I envision rising to do so any time in the very near future, although I did feel a twinge of guilt-ocd-neatfreak motion in my legs when I typed that just now.

I am not editing photos or web pages or poems. I am not doing preliminary prep work for the AWC update. I am not painting or organizing or sorting through anything.

Not. A. Thing.

However, Chuck's book arrived today. I'm thrilled! It's thick and packed full of goodies. I can't start it until I finish the book I'm in the middle of, though, which will probably be at the end of this week. Because, that's why. I can't! Must finish first book before beginning next one! It's a sickness, I tell you. Here's the even sicker part...when I buy a book that is part of a series, like, say, the 3rd book in a trilogy, I must go back and read the first 2 books first BEFORE I CAN READ THE NEW ONE. I do not, however, wash my hands excessively, or count things. And food can all mingle on my plate. Well, not mingle exactly. But it can touch. Just.

*This here doesn't count. Ain't that the truth?!

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