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More Halloween Candy Thievery: a tiny little blue packet of M&M Minis. All gone! :( I want more!

Made up a bit for the slothfulness of the other night by sorting through my art stuff and organizing it a bit better in anticipation of the new art desk which is STILL in pieces, half-painted in the garage. What? It's too damn cold out there! I can't paint with frozen fingers! Then I finished editing verian's poems. But that's it. That's not really a lot in my souped-up hyper world of organizing go-go-go frenzy.

I have SO MUCH STUFF sitting by my art desk wanting to be used in creative ways. Some of it is stuff that I want to send to friends. Maybe I should just make up packets of things and send them out to interested parties. There are fabric samples, tissue papers, collage elements, stickers, beads, adhesive alphabets, postage stamps, charms, and much more. If you're interested, send me an email.

One of the guys at work has a little dog, a fox terrier, that he brings in to the office a couple of times a week. She never barks and is very well-behaved. She's white with brown markings and a long thin nose, and bright, intelligent eyes. Her name is Canel, which means "cinnamon" in Swedish. It's pronounced "kaneel." She's giving me the dog-wants. I sometimes think we could easily talk about wanting a dog and not actually doing anything about it, forever. I had the same sort of ambivalence* about having children...I had lots of good reasons for not having them, but once I did I discovered it wasn't so bad, and in fact, was pretty darn good most days. Why would I expect it would be any different with a dog?

Reasons for not wanting a dog:
  • getting up early to take the dog out
  • having to go out no matter the weather
  • they chew stuff up and they eat disgusting things
  • you can't leave them home alone too long or overnight or over the weekend
  • they're expensive
Reasons for wanting a dog:
  • It would help get me out of the house and walking every day
  • I don't want my children to grow up without a dog or a cat...and we can't have a cat at this point
  • unconditional love
  • possibly protection in the home
  • our home feels incomplete
Crud, that didn't work. They came out even! Hmmm...

*okay, it wasn't really ambivalence.

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