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More Halloween Candy Thievery: a tiny little blue packet of M&M Minis. All gone! :( I want more!

Made up a bit for the slothfulness of the other night by sorting through my art stuff and organizing it a bit better in anticipation of the new art desk which is STILL in pieces, half-painted in the garage. What? It's too damn cold out there! I can't paint with frozen fingers! Then I finished editing verian's poems. But that's it. That's not really a lot in my souped-up hyper world of organizing go-go-go frenzy.

I have SO MUCH STUFF sitting by my art desk wanting to be used in creative ways. Some of it is stuff that I want to send to friends. Maybe I should just make up packets of things and send them out to interested parties. There are fabric samples, tissue papers, collage elements, stickers, beads, adhesive alphabets, postage stamps, charms, and much more. If you're interested, send me an email.

One of the guys at work has a little dog, a fox terrier, that he brings in to the office a couple of times a week. She never barks and is very well-behaved. She's white with brown markings and a long thin nose, and bright, intelligent eyes. Her name is Canel, which means "cinnamon" in Swedish. It's pronounced "kaneel." She's giving me the dog-wants. I sometimes think we could easily talk about wanting a dog and not actually doing anything about it, forever. I had the same sort of ambivalence* about having children...I had lots of good reasons for not having them, but once I did I discovered it wasn't so bad, and in fact, was pretty darn good most days. Why would I expect it would be any different with a dog?

Reasons for not wanting a dog:
  • getting up early to take the dog out
  • having to go out no matter the weather
  • they chew stuff up and they eat disgusting things
  • you can't leave them home alone too long or overnight or over the weekend
  • they're expensive
Reasons for wanting a dog:
  • It would help get me out of the house and walking every day
  • I don't want my children to grow up without a dog or a cat...and we can't have a cat at this point
  • unconditional love
  • possibly protection in the home
  • our home feels incomplete
Crud, that didn't work. They came out even! Hmmm...

*okay, it wasn't really ambivalence.
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Jessie will hopefully be having puppies next year. *hint*hint* hehehe

Seriously, get a dog! Jessie never chewed anything but her toys and still doesn't. Maggie chews anything and everything but she's still worth it for all the million laughs she gives us in the day. :)

For what it's worth, after six months or so Pelle was a breeze to handle. It's at the point now where he is so much easier to take care of than Alex.

I'm certianly going to get another puppy before another baby.

To be honest, Line is a very good labrador retriever, and the friendliest of all dogs. Though she is somewhat of an exception, since she is a guide dog, we haven't had any problems with her chewing in a long time, and is very well behaved. Dog food is also not that bad if you control how much and when the dog eats (and also if you get the bigger 15kg bags.) Besides, who can resist such a cute face as this?

She's a punkin! A black lab is in our top choice for a dog right now :)

You must get one! In fact, you must get two, then they can play with each other when you don't feel like walking them :)

Oh no, you don't! That's what people say about having kids! hahahaha!

You have to *walk* your kids?! Eek! (but that explains all the kids i've seen on leashes..)

You have to "pick up" their poop for a long time, too...although it's at least not FOREVER! :D

You left a few off of the 'pro' list:

- Always a happy face (and wagging tail) for when you come home. The pooch is ALWAYS happy to see you walking through the door. And trust me, when you're tired, that alone energizes you. :)

- Help teach your little ones about responsibilities - feeding and watering the pooch, playing with him/her, walking him/her, cleaning up after him/her

- Dogs can make you laugh as much as kids can. No more needed on this one. ;)

That's all I can think of for now.

Okay, so a pooch may not be 'needed', but they definately are part of the 'spice' that makes life better and more flavourful.

You're so right about the "teaching responsibility" part. I sort of counted the other things in with "unconditional love" :)

I'm not sure how animal control works in Sweden. If it's anything like here in the States, adopting means saving a dog's life and creating a chance for the next one that takes its place. There's another for the pros list, if applicable.

I don't think the system is similar here, actually. Most people get their dogs from breeders here, although I do know there are a couple of places where you can adopt. There is nothing on the scale of animal control like in the States, that I'm aware of.

in response to 2 of your reasons for not wanting a dog...

our dog, and the other dog we had before she passed away, did not have to go out early. they went out when we took them out and learned to just go with our sometimes weird schedule (mostly on the weekends). and, sometimes the dog we have now has to be left alone for a longer time than Id like if I absolutely have to be at school all day. about 8 hours actually..sometimes even a bit longer. now some might call this cruel but she does just fine being alone that long. if she didnt do fine than id have to make sure she wasnt alone that long. honestly i think she just sleeps and sniffs around. of course we make sure to play extra much those days :)

Sophie has never chewed on furniture. She did have a fondness for shoes, but they were placed out of reach and she was given a chew toy. She did eat crap, but outgrew that pretty quickly. She's not an early morning dog actually. As long as she gets out in the evening before I go to bed, she'd MUCH prefer to stay curled up nice and cosy. They ARE expensive, but a smaller dog not only eats less than a large dog, but they poop MUCH smaller as well. And while I'm on that line, why is it that the poop that doesn't get picked up by responsible dog owners always seems to come from the HUGE dogs? Surely they knew when they got the dog that at some point, they would be squeezing out bajskorv the size of Rhode Island? So pick it up, damn it!

i could not imagine our house without the dogs now. they bring so much happiness and laughter, and always give us a big warm welcome when we come home. purrthecat had a good point with the kiddies learning responsibility too.

the following is subliminal.....
get a dog get a dog get a dog get a dog get a dog get a dog get a dog

We had a single dog during my childhood, a beagle named Gusty. When she arrived as a puppy, she was still too little to put on a leash, so we made a chickenwire pen outside, to keep her near us while we did yardwork (which she loved) -- the little scamp learned how to climb up and over the chickenwire! Mittens and socks weren't safe around her while she was growing up, either.

But, like any puppy, she learned as she grew, and once she was fullgrown, chewing was never a problem again. She was a wonderful family dog, extremely gentle around small children, joyfully playful with older children, and a wonderful companion to the adults. She lived to the ripe old age of 16 (ancient, for a beagle), and even all these years later, we still miss her.

I say, go for it. ;-)

Oh, and on the "responsibility" issue? One of my sisters got fed up with several of her children crying "Wolf!" (literally) and cowering in fear, every time they met a dog when they were out hiking. Taking the bull by the horns, she went out and got them a Boxer pup.

The adjustment period was highly comical (despite my feeling somewhat sympathetic to the kids). They put up baby gates to keep the dog in the kitchen area until she was housetrained. When I'd come over to visit, I'd come in through the kitchen, and Nephew #2 would climb over the gate, keeping a very wary eye on the dog, run over and give me a quick hug, then scoot back over the gate and sigh with relief at having survived his foray into Dog Territory. The dog, mind you, was only a tiny puppy, a little ball of fur with spring-loaded feet and a friendly tongue, and not the slightest bit growly.

Puppy is now a full-grown dog, and if you didn't know her (and thus know what a pushover she is), you'd probably think she looked fairly menacing. But the kids have all adjusted along with her development, and have their assigned chores for walking, feeding, and grooming her. Nephew #2 is still not wild about dogs, but they no longer paralyze him with fear, and none of the kids shout "Wolf!" anymore.

That's a great story! I love the image of spring-loaded puppy feet! I'm more and more convinced.

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