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TGIF, indeed. Despite the windy grayness outside, I am so glad it's the weekend that things seem bright to me.Tonight is prep night and clean the house, since tomorrow reebert is coming down from Gothenburg to hold a PartyLite party at my house. I am expecting 8 people total, including Marie and myself, which I think is a pretty respectable turnout. One of them is very likely not to show and one is not staying for dinner. Speaking of dinner, here's the menu:
  • yogurt-marinated herb-encrusted baked chicken breasts
  • spinach, cheese and red pepper puff pastry crustados
  • romaine salad with artichoke hearts, avocado, grape tomatoes, spring onions, and feta cheese
  • cinnamon chocolate almond pastry baskets
It's a busy weekend, and I just realized, looking at my calendar, that every weekend in November is busy! Again! How does that happen!? Those little blocks of time fill up so fast and suddenly I have something to do every day. I need to find time to take the kids to see The Incredibles, but it won't be this weekend, since Sunday is Swedish Father's Day and we'll be at Anders' parents. Next weekend, we're busy Friday and Saturday and the weekend after that is Thanksgiving dinner and we'll have 2 sets of out-of-town guests. AND GOD HELP ME IT'S NEARLY CHRISTMAS THEN! *boggle*


Cracking Me Up, But Damn, He's RIGHT: I'll Tell You Who's Sorry
mood: busy
music: Loey Nelson—To Sir With Love


My mom has been calling me up lately just to let me know that there are only six Saturdays until Christmas. I think this is slightly cruel of her, and also, somehow, it still has not worked. I have not yet begun to shop. I don't even WANT to begin to shop. Argh.

I clicked to say I wanted to be invited to dinner, but seeing this comment just made my heart drop into my stomach. That's just not possible! I don't even want to buy Christmas presents this year. In fact, I have totally written off Mike's side of the family and told him he had to take care of it himself, but I can't help but worry about it. I don't want to worry about it. I worked my ass off for three Christmases making sure I got perfect gifts for each person and I never heard a single "tack" and never had any of it reciprocated so I need to not worry.

Whoops. That was a rant. Sorry!

Anyway, can I come to dinner?


ohhh scrumptious dinner!!! ~bluepoppy

I wanna come!

I love PartyLite and Marie is an excellent consultant! Hope you enjoy the party and Marie's company! I know you will!

Re: I wanna come!

:) Next time you're invited, then! I am already sure that I will enjoy Marie's company, cuz she is a sweetheart! :)

"Loey Nelson—To Sir With Love"

Is that the song from the movie? If so, I love it.
And I love candles.
And I love smallish parties of women.
And I love yummy menu plans(even if I can't eat them)

The song is originally from the movie, but she does a lovely melting rendition of it that I adore. Wish you could be here!!

Wow! I'm already drooling for that dinner!! Yummy! I'm so excited about coming. I've been packing and re-packing my stuff trying to fit the most in and deciding what I really want to bring and what can stay behind. haha

Want to borrow some of my things?? ;-)


*wipes up after you and gives you a stern look*

Ack! Swedish Father's Day is SUNDAY!?!?!? Thanks for the heads up! Not that G is aware of it but he'd find out after the fact and then I'd never hear the end of it.

I know!!! I just found out 2 days ago myself!! EEK!

Have a wonderful time with "the other" Marie. I'm sure it will be great.

Any chance you could save me a catalogue and maybe I can order stuff to go on your party "total"? They look like they have some beautiful stuff - and maybe something that looks good for my SIL for Christmas.

Absolutely! I've got 2 of each right now, so you're welcome to a set. :)

Speaking of dinner, here's the menu

I wanna come eat at your house! ;-)

Come on over! :)

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