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busy, busy, busy, but not too busy to stop here for a second and say, HI INTERNET! Was the sun shining when you woke up this morning? Did you get to sleep in at least a little bit? Are you having good friends over for dinner later and a scrumptious meal to boot, plus shopping in the comfort of your very own home? I HOPE SO because it sure does make a nice way to start the day.

Must shower, dress, make bed, remove items from freezer to thaw, vacuum, swipe bathroom surfaces, prep dinner, make guest bed so I can be on time to pick up reebert and galestorm at the train station in Lund at 3. Wheee!

Liz: *singing while washing children in the bath* Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love you tomorrow, it's only a daaaay awaaay!
Martin: What about today, Mama?
Liz: *gets all wet from a bathtub hug*

And now, my daughter wants to play on the Kim Possible homepage so sayonara, internet! Have a great day!

Cracking Me Up: Richard Simmons on What's My Line
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