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I melted my credit card this weekend.

In the hot flame of a liquid tealight, oh yes.

Did you know that PartyLite puts inhibitor-releasers in their scented candles? You wouldn't believe how fast you can fill up an order form under the influence. :D

Thankfully, my girlfriends ordered enough to net me a decent discount on my score goodies. galestorm brought some of the jewelry she is making and reebert and I both immediately pounced on pieces we declared were "MINE!" Dinner was good and well-received despite my forgetting to marinate the chicken due to craft-cackling with Gale and Marie.

reebert is a consummate party hostess. She got things going immediately, engaged the participants, joked and bantered, showed a real passion for the lovely products she was promoting and a great deal of knowledge as well. Her little touches were brilliant: the way she set out candles and accessories around the house, the way she wrapped tealights up as lollipops and handed them out, the game she adapted, the gifts she chose, everything. She did a superb job, and I can really recommend asking her to come help you host a PartyLite party.

The kids and I dropped Marie off at the train station this morning, and went to Farmor & Farfar's. After lunch, we (along with Farmor) headed to Vellingeblomman, a pre-Christmas ritual for everyone within 30 miles of the place. It's a huge nursery that puts on a Christmas display every year, and the place is full of just about every kind of tacky and not-so-tacky Christmas decoration you could ever imagine needing*...oh, and plants and flowers. And a live donkey and sheep in a creche, and a wandering Santa handing out pepperkakor. Every year Märta wants us to go so the kids can enjoy the Christmas displays and every year I think, "oh no" because I know that I will not be able to resist buying more Christmas ornaments. Oooh, shiny!

Note to Other Drivers on the Road: Go a little faster than the speed limit or get the hell out of my way.

*Although, nothing on the scale of the Christmas-stuff orgy that is Bronner's
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I hope I can get to one of reebert's parties some day, sounds like a blast. Maybe someday I'll have enough work again to actually buy pretty things.

I can imagine that Marie put on a wonderful demonstration. All Marie's are perfect, didn't you know? It's great to hear that it was such a success.

God, I HAVE to go to that Christmas decoration place, just to gross out L-G who hates that sort of thing and because I love it! I've been trying to con him into taking me here on the way back from your place, but he just gives me a "hairy eyeball" look worthy of Anders. Such a meany!

I'm so excited - we'll be there in less than 2 weeks. And it better be good or you'll appear in a rant :)

Love the new icon. That kid always cracks me up.

You HAVE to stop at the Moose place! It's right on the way! That's where we stopped and I got that great fleece with the very tastefully embroidered moosehead on it. L-G, come on! Give in to your inner moose!

Kosta is just down the road from us :) Both our kids have gone on field trips to the Älg park. You both must check out the glass factories in the area. Målarås is our favourite.

Of course, you are in Småland! L-G says we don't have time to go to the moose park and I can see he's right as we will have his daughterb and her friend with us hitching a ride to Malmö and we need to get to Liz's before she drinks all the wine midnight. But he has half promised to take me there in summer if we can borrow the car again and I intend to hold him to it! So we may be around Kosta yet :)

I love Målerås, too. Although, we haven't been there in ages now. But it's definitely one of the best of the glass factory stores!

That icon is the best ever! hahahaha

I had such fun at your place, I too wish we lived closer!

Glad to hear you had fun :) I'm hoping there were some photos taken...? :)

You sound like you had way mucho fun this weekend! You Swedish girls are going to have to stop of us across the sea slightly green with jealousy ;)!

It really WAS a lot of fun! I wish all my friends lived closer! :)

sorry, that didn't make much sense, did it? I meant, you'll have to stop all that fun partying, those of us across the sea are turning green from jealousy! But I'm only kidding, so glad to see bloggy friends having fun together.

I would love to attend a Partylite evening & melt my credit card over tealights.

Fabulous icon! Do you know that Ingrid had that same inflatable Tomten sent from Farmor and she was absolutely in LOVE with it. We have this great picture of her at 15 months of age looking up into his face with just pure adoration in her little face. She loved him to death. Literally. Farmor sent another last year and almost the same thing happened again, including his early demise. I'm not sure whether we should ask for another this year or not.

We have TWO of them :)

Sorry for my speed

I hereby apologize in advance for going the speed limit. I may be 46 years old. I may have been driving for 30 years. But here in Sweden I have to have my frigging boyfriend along as my driving instructor until I can get my own Swedish license (an act of Parliament). He's Swedish = Mr. Rule Abiding Guy. Once I have my own license I'll be out of your way, I promise.


Re: Sorry for my speed

:) hee! Okay, I'll make allowances for you since you're still in your trial period, but after that, it's MOVE OUT, baby! >:D

Re: Sorry for my speed

I've barely had my Swedish DL for 7 months now, but I'm supposed to not go over the speed limit until 2006. (That doesn't mean I do that all the time.) But you're probably not talking to me unless I come down to visit you.

Oh, you are making me so nostalgic for my childhood Christmases. My grandparents (Mormor & Morfar, since Swedish lets me be specific *g*) would arrive for the holidays, bringing Swedish cardamom coffee cakes from the Viking bakery for Christmas morning. One of my sisters would make pepperkakor, using a cookie-cutter shaped like a pig. We'd have our Swedish smorgasbord for Christmas Eve, and my brother would make his annual attempt to eat more köttbullar than everyone else put together.

(I don't recall if I've mentioned previously, but my great-grandparents were both Swedish, born and raised. As adults, they went off to India as missionaries, where they met, married, and started their family - Mormor was born in India, but in a household that very much kept the Swedish traditions, and continued to do so after immigrating to the US. My mother says she can still hear her Mormor's Swedish accent, in her memory.)

Mormor and Morfar are gone now, as is the Viking bakery, and if I want köttbullar these days I have to make them myself (thankfully, I have my great-grandmother's recipe). But Christmas still seems an incredibly Swedish time of year, to me, and I love it.

I melted my credit card this weekend. In the hot flame of a liquid tealight, oh yes.

Hee! I can't tell whether you meant that literally or figuratively, but either way, it makes me grin. ;-)

How cool! I don't know if you have mentioned that you were of Swedish stock. Swedish Christmas traditions ARE lovely. My children are definitely getting a mix though!

(and it was figurative)

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